Policy announcements continue as the federal election campaign enters the second week


As federal parties work to fill in the full slate of candidates, they continued to surge in announcements in their second week on the campaign trail. Here are the highlights.

liberal..Liberal leader Justin Trudeau Promised $ 6 billion in new medical bills on Monday $ 3 billion to reduce waiting times and hire 7,500 doctors and nurses.Trudeau too Pledge to We will train 50,000 new personal support workers for senior care, double home accessibility tax credits, and continue to work with the state to make $ 10 a day child care available across Canada.

The Canadian Reconstruction Employment Program will also be extended until March 2022, allowing businesses to hire more workers. fatherThe liberals provide wage and insurance costs in the tourism, arts and culture sectors. To mitigate the effects of climate change, Trudeau has promised to fund 1,000 new firefighters, renovate or upgrade their homes, and reduce insurance premiums.

conservatives..Conservative leader Erin O’Toole Announced on Monday His party will require large federally regulated employers to include workers’ representatives on the board.If elected, the conservative government Pay 25 percent Of the net new employee salary, support increases by up to 50 percent depending on how long they are not working.

On Saturday, O’Toole will build a million new homes by creating incentives for first-time buyers, simplifying mortgage stress testing, and extending mortgage terms for first-time buyers. Announced that it is aiming for that. Foreign non-residents and investors are prohibited from buying homes and are provided with incentives for rental homes.

NDP.. NDP leader Jagmate Singh promised to abolish subsidies to oil and gas companies and redistribute them to the renewable energy sector on Monday. He also promised $ 500 million in funding to promote reconciliation and support indigenous-led stewardship programs to protect land, water and forests, including primeval forests.

Shin to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Jack Layton’s death on August 22 Tweet One of Layton’s quotes: “My friend, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So we are affectionate and hopeful. Let’s be optimistic, and we will change the world. “

Layton’s widow Olivia Chow tweeted an article about Layton that she wrote for the Toronto Star, thanks to Singh. “What a beautiful article. Thank you … Jack was very happy to welcome you to the team in 2011. He is proud of how you continue your legacy of love and fighting and we I have hope for a country and the world that I know is possible. “

People’s party..so Press release, PPC leader Maxime Bernier announced on Monday that his party would cut spending to close the deficit within four years and then cut taxes.

Greens. Greens said on Sunday that the Liberal government’s commitment to reduce emissions by 40 percent from 2005 levels by 2030 was not sufficient. Must be 60 percent It will be below the 2005 level by 2030.

Heretic party..party Get official status On August 20, interim leader Jay Hill joined PPC Maxime Bernier and learned that the leaders would shut out the next election debate.

The National Party of Canada and the Conservative Party need less than 25 candidates to compete with all 338 horseback riding. According to the number of party websites, PPC currently has 316 candidates. CPC At 315; liberal At 291 NDP At 239 block At 64 Greens 28:00 and Heretic party At 27.

Lee Harding

Lee Harding is a Saskatchewan-based journalist and think tank researcher and contributor to The Epoch Times.