Polls plummet and Mount Rushmore fireworks launch

In this week’s White House report card, President Joe Biden pushes the end of a mediocre week, polls for inflation concerns, misrepresents baseball records, and makes him happy. You’ll find that he’s just having trouble with his request to speak when pushed by the media.

Democratic pollster John Zogby was on the road, but in his weekly podcast, Biden’s poll approval was hitting the economy, especially inflation, and the failure of infrastructure to date. Stated. He asked, “Is this the end of Joe Biden?” No, but it’s a down period.

Conservative analyst Jed Babbin scored D, citing the controversial support of Congressman Maxinewaters Biden for the California Senate and the ongoing problems at the border. He also pointed out the decision to cancel the fireworks on Mount Rushmore for slapping potential rival Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota.

Grade: D

Beginning on the weekend of July 4, Biden hasn’t had much to celebrate. Last week he suffered two major defeats in the Supreme Court, publicizing the impact of the border crisis on drug smuggling, and Biden managed to uphold the exorbitant California State Legislature Maxine Waters in the US Senate.

It’s hard to believe that even California, which has a consistent record of electing Dimbat in the Senate, would advertise “kerosene maxin” from the Senate, but the president said it should. Waters, a corps of racists and statements of law and order, did not help his agenda pass through the Senate.

The border crisis is still accelerating and Biden is doing nothing about it. Illegal immigrants enter the country at a rate of about 2.1 million annually, and drug smuggling (measured by the number of drugs seized at the border) is rising at a similar rate. For example, methamphetamine smuggling outside the port of entry is reported to have increased by 85% this year.

In the details of the decision, the Supreme Court confirmed Arizona’s Election Safety Act, which stated that proxy voting was unconstitutional. This is a major blow to unconstitutional one of the Democratic Party’s main legislative priorities, the so-called “People’s Law.” In another decision, this was based on free speech and the High Court killed. California law requiring political and other nonprofits to disclose their donor list. There is a liberal desire to intimidate conservative donors.

The good news was a decent employment report and news that United Airlines had ordered the largest new aircraft in history. This is a sign that the economy is recovering. Nevertheless, inflation is deteriorating, raising consumer prices for food, gasoline and other necessities.

Meanwhile, the fortress still keeps tourists away from the Capitol. There are no Independence Day celebrations within Fort Pelosi and no fireworks on Mount Rushmore. (The Biden administration banned them with a cheesy political shot against Republican Governor Kristi Noem.)

John Zogby
Grade: B-

In a weekly podcast, Zogby said:

“Is this the end of Joe Biden?”

“He doesn’t have this infrastructure plan. He didn’t meet his goal of 70% of vaccinated Americans. And in that regard, the economy is volatile and His numbers are beginning to see them being scraped off. “

“The end of Joe Biden? Let’s cool down. It’s July, but no, he didn’t plan the infrastructure. The economy is a little squeeze now. I don’t say he’s in trouble. . His vote is about 52% [approval.] The last few votes have dropped a bit, but still above 50%. I think his approval for the economy is now down a few points. In particular, I think inflation is more important than unemployment and employment. No, he did not meet some of his infrastructure and COVID goals. Still, I think the infrastructure is still bailable. I don’t know if it will end in a week or two, but I think it can still be relieved. “

“So, in the media sense, it’s too early to declare the president dead.”

Jed Babbin is a contributor to the Washington Examiner and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the administration of former President George HW Bush. Follow him on Twitter @jedbabbin

John Zogby is the founder of Zogby Poll and a senior partner of John Zogby Strategies.His weekly podcast with his son and partner Jeremy Zogby You can listen here. Follow him on Twitter @ZogbyStrategies

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