Pompeo claims Trump told him to ‘shut the hell up’ on China’s Covid response

Former President Donald Trump reportedly told former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “shut up for a minute.” Beijing’s Pompeo’s alleged Covid response was disingenuous and manipulative so as not to offend Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Pompeo, who listened to President Xi’s call on March 26, 2020, said President Xi Jinping was threatening a joint “Phase 1” trade deal between nations with his rhetoric blaming China for the pandemic. I heard him warn Mr. Trump that he was there. Pompeo has detailed his memory in his new memoir. never give upwhich semaphore obtained and analyzed.

On March 25, the day before the call, Pompeo urged G-7 leaders to hold China responsible for the disease and call it the “Wuhan virus.” The World Health Organization has opposed localized names given its transcontinental spread. claimed to control sensitive information.

Pompeo said in his memoir that he suspected Xi was trying to pressure Trump to fire him. semaphore“Mike, that bastard hates you!” Trump said. Days later, Trump accused Pompeo of “endangering us all” by antagonizing China. dictator One reason is that the United States is dependent on the country for medicines.

“Please stop, for God’s sake!” Trump reported.

Pompeo admitted he had to do diplomacy while the United States was dependent on Chinese health care products, and said he obliged the president.

“We need medical equipment, and we’re at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party,” Pompeo explained. “I was working for the president, so I was generous with my time.”

President Trump has been opposed since resigning Chinese Growing influence and hostility toward the United States new york post, This includes enacting “aggressive new limits on Chinese ownership of critical infrastructure within the United States.” Trump has promised that sectors such as energy, technology, telecommunications, farmland, natural resources, medical supplies and other strategic national assets will be limited to China’s access under his administration.

As Pompeo suggests, Trump was much friendlier to China at the peak of the pandemic and clearly felt that the United States was indebted to China. In a January 2020 tweet, Trump reportedly thanked China for its cooperation in curbing the pandemic.

“China has worked hard to contain the novel coronavirus. The United States appreciates their efforts and transparency. I would like to thank you!” Trump murmured At the time.

“I wasn’t happy with what the president tweeted,” Pompeo said in his memoir.

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