Pool poop claims explode in a luxurious Upper East Side condo

Michael Dunning / Getty

Michael Dunning / Getty

A new proceeding from the building management of a luxury Upper East Side condominium claims that residents swimming in the wrong communal pool lane are also fed up there, but 83-year-old Helen Hirsch is the Daily Beast. Said it was a condo, so full of management.

Rio The Condominium and Spa Lawyer at East 65 St. Court documents On Wednesday, Hirsch “defecated in the fitness center pool and then in the fitness center shower.”

“The condo was forced to close the fitness center pool and avoid using the fitness center shower so that it could be properly disinfected in accordance with the applicable state health laws and applicable state health laws. Disinfection. As a result, owners and residents of other units were unable to use the pool or shower during that time, “said the complaint.

The proceedings also said that Hirsch “screamed and made a loud noise while using the gym and pool” and “could not wear proper clothing at the gym many times (gym equipment in wet swimsuits). Do not use and wear proper athletic shoes) “. [or] Take a shower before using the pool. “

After the board suspended access to these facilities, she returned by “spoofing a code to access the fitness center from a pre-existing real estate broker.” Fitness center when another resident is out of the fitness center door. Defendants called police to Bill when Bill staff tried to restrict access to the fitness center. “

In a late-night Wednesday interview with The Daily Beast, Hirsch says the allegations are almost false and she will counterclaim.

“No, this is really ridiculous. I used to be a doctor,” Hirsch told The Daily Beast when asked about swimming in the wrong pool lane. “I don’t know how to swim. I always swim near the wall, you know, near the wall.”

“I’m scared,” she admitted, but she said she assigned her to daily training after her doctor broke her leg. “Of course you [swim] Near the wall! “

“Yes, I don’t know how to swim, because I’m not very good at it,” Hirsch said with a laugh.

When asked about her allegations of defecation, she answered, “No, never,” and then added, “Maybe I’m old.”

She asked, “Do they have evidence? It’s ridiculous, I used to be a doctor!”

Then she insisted that she wasn’t a big fallen, so she wanted to sneak her out of the one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in the building she moved to last year.

The list shows one-bedroom apartments in condos that demand far more than $ 1 million: “24-hour doorman, well-equipped gym with 50-foot indoor lap swimming pool, hot tub, Panorama roof deck with wood sauna, steam shower, furnished kitchen, ground floor garden, central laundry room and live-in supermarket. “

“Listen, listen, tell me … this is ridiculous. I don’t want to live here anymore,” she said, and her problem was “hints, hints, hints” to the building staff. Claimed to be due to not giving. “I’m a grandmother. Why do I always have to advise you?”

“Tomorrow I will go to court to sue them,” Hirsch said. “I want to sue the management company!”

When asked what she would sue, the resident declared that “wrong information” had been put into public records by the manager of his building.

The lawyer representing the building is seeking both “injunction relief” and “financial damages”, citing the need for building repairs, including “disinfection.” [of] Potentially Harmful Condition “— Did not return the Daily Beast’s request for comment on Wednesday night.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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