Pope cracks down on new Catholic religious start-ups


Rome (AP) — Pope Francis governs a new religious group in the Catholic Church after decades of chaotic proliferation have led to abuse of rule and unrestrained spiritual and sexual misconduct. We have taken a new step towards.

Francis has issued a new decree announced on Wednesday. This requires prior Vatican approval for the bishops to establish a new association of believers.

The decree required Vatican pre-approval in accordance with a similar decree issued in 2020. iocesan level religious order, It suggests that the Vatican is now cracking down further to better regulate the origins of these new forms of religious life and make decisions about them in the hands of local bishops.

Francis has taken a series of disciplinary and regulatory measures in recent years after the founders and leaders of religious orders and new congregational institutions were found to be religious frauds that sexually and mentally abused members. ..

Some groups have been oppressed and others have been hijacked by the Vatican during the reforms, but all are subject to greater Vatican surveillance.

In 2021, also imposed the Vatican Term restrictions for congregational leadersFollowing the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, beyond general parish life, has surged as a new way for ordinary Catholics to join the church. The Vatican said a time limit was needed to prevent personality worship around charismatic leaders.

One of the general groups targeted for the new reforms was Italy’s influential group, Comnione and Liberation.

Due to last year’s term restrictions, Rev. Julian Carron, the Spanish head of the Communication and Liberation, who has been in charge since 2005, has been evacuated.

Just this week, Cardinal Kevin Farrell, head of the Vatican’s Laity Office, complains that Caron and his followers are still influential in the Vatican’s reforms and complains to Caron’s successor. I wrote a letter. According to a copy of the letter, Farrell mistakenly said that it was a “wrong doctrine” promoted by Caron, claiming the unique spirit of the group inherited from the founder through leaders like himself. did.

Farrell said that the new leadership of Comnione and Liberation embraced the Vatican’s policy, “teaching, practices and methods of government and internal organizational forms that have been shown to be problematic and inadequate or even harmful. We have to consider it. “