Pope Francis responds to the report saying he will resign soon


Pope Francis on Monday responded to reports that he was seriously ill and that he was planning to resign from his position in the near future.

Francis has denied resigning and said he plans to visit Canada this month and hopes to visit Moscow and Kieu in the near future.

He also suggested to the news agency that he wasn’t a serious illness to cancer, and his doctor joked that he “told me nothing about it” before dismissing it as “court gossip.” Said.

“Some people thought that all these coincidences would have the same’liturgy’,” Francis added. “But that didn’t come to my mind. For now, no, for now, no. Really.”

Francis said he would resign someday if his health became very difficult to fulfill his duty to run the Catholic Church. His predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, resigned in 2013. It resigned for the first time in more than 500 years when Pope Gregory XII resigned in 1415.

However, the current Pope did not indicate when he would resign.

Francis, 85 years old was locked up Wheelchair from March of this year. In late June, he was seen at another Vatican event while using medical equipment. Both Francis and the Vatican say he suffered a knee injury.

Epoch Times Photo
Children perform on stage as Pope Francis, sitting in a wheelchair after knee treatment, welcomes the audience as part of the 10th World Family Conference at Paul VI Audience Hall in Vatican on June 22, 2022. To do. (AFP via Filippo Monteforte / Getty Images)

Francis also revealed the details of the knee disease for the first time in public and told Reuters that he had a “small fracture” in his knee when he stepped off when his ligaments became inflamed.

“I’m fine, I’m slowly getting better,” Francis said, adding that the fracture was knitting, helped by laser and magnet therapy.

Francis also said that he had surgery on the colon for diverticulitis, a condition associated with infection or inflammation of the pouch that can form in the intestines.

“It (surgery) was a huge success,” he told the news agency, adding that it had nothing to do with cancer.

Also in an interview, the Pope said he wanted to go to Moscow first before visiting Kieu during the months of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“I want to go (to Ukraine), but I wanted to go to Moscow first. If the President of Russia gave me a small window for peace … and now, after I return from Canada I thought I could manage to go to Ukraine, so we exchanged messages about this, “he told the outlet. “First of all, I would like to go to Russia and try some form of assistance, but I would like to go to both capitals.”

Reuters contributed to this report.

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