Pope praises Prince Phillip’s dedication to his family

Events and reactions from around the world commemorating Prince Phillip’s death at the age of 99:

Vatican City — Pope Francis offers “heartfelt condolences” to Queen Elizabeth II for her husband’s loss and praises the late Prince Phillip’s dedication to marriage and “excellent record” of public affairs. did.

In a telegram released Saturday by Secretary of State Vatican, Francis said he was “sad” to learn of Philip’s death at the age of 99 on Friday.

“Remembering Prince Philip’s marriage and dedication to his family, his outstanding record of public affairs, his dedication to the education and progress of future generations, the Pope praises him for the benevolent love of Christ, the Redeemer.” ..

“The Holy Father evokes the comfort of the Lord and the blessing of peace to you and all who mourn his loss with the definite hope of the resurrection,” the message concludes.


Prince Philip dies at age 99

Buckingham Palace said Friday that Prince Phillip, the mysterious and tough husband of Queen Elizabeth II, had died, spending more than 70 years helping her wife primarily in her life-defining role.

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London — Gun salutes to commemorate the death of Prince Edinburgh take place throughout Britain, Gibraltar, and the sea.

The British Ministry of Defense has announced that batteries will fire 41 rounds per minute from noon on warships in cities such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, Gibraltar and the Royal Navy.

The gun salute also showed the deaths of Queen Victoria in 1901 and Winston Churchill in 1965.

Authorities are encouraging people to watch gun salutes online or on TV from home during a coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Phillip died on Friday at the age of 99.


London — When Prince Phillip’s death was announced, the British national broadcaster immediately switched to mourning mode.

The BBC canceled its regular show on Friday and aired a special coverage of Philip hosted by a newscaster in Kuroko. Popular golden-time programs such as the cooking contest “Master Chef” were aired, and network music radio stations played instrumental music and sober songs.

Some British viewed the BBC’s actions as a proper sign of respect. For others, it was a little more.

Broadcasters have received so many complaints that there is too much coverage, and have created a special page to file an objection if viewers feel that “too much television coverage is about the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.” I installed it on the website.

The publicly funded BBC is often criticized from all sides for the treatment of major domestic events. When Queen Elizabeth died in 2002, the broadcaster was criticized because the news announcer wasn’t wearing a black tie.


London — The day after Prince Phillip’s death, mourners are leaving flowers again in front of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

On Saturday morning, a small group of people gathered near the main gate of Buckingham Palace, where the Union Jack flies half-mast.

Previously, the flowers left there on Friday were removed and placed behind the van. Palace officials have advised people not to come to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle to leave flowers in the coronavirus pandemic.


According to experts, the tribe of Vanuatu, a remote island country that regarded Prince Philip of Vanuatu as a god, dies in ceremonial mourning and ceremonial dance.

Based in a village on the island of Tanna, a former British-French colony, the group worshiped Prince Edinburgh and believed that he was a reincarnation of an ancient warrior who left the island for war.


Dharamsala, India — The Dalai Lama condolences for Prince Phillip’s death in a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

In his letter to the Queen, he said: “I’m sorry to know the sad news that your husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has died. I pray for him and condolences to your Highness and your family during this sad time.

“We all remember him, so we can be delighted that he had a meaningful life.”

He wrote to Prince Charles: “As someone who counts you as a dear and respected friend, I would like to extend my condolences to your Highness and your family.”


Wellington, New Zealand — New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda has expressed his grief over Prince Phillip’s death.

“Our idea lies with Her Majesty in this very sad time,” she said.

Ardern said Philip would be lovingly remembered for the encouragement he gave to many young New Zealanders through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Awards.

“During more than 50 years of awards in New Zealand, thousands of young people have completed life-changing challenges through the program,” she said.

Ardern instructed him to half-mast all the flags of government buildings and naval vessels. She said the national memorial service will be held in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital.


Jakarta, Indonesia — Indonesian President Joko Widodo expresses deep condolences to Prince Phillip’s death.

Widodo tweeted: “We would like to express our deepest condolences for the death of Prince HRH, Duke of Edinburgh. Our thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family, and the people of the United Kingdom during this time of sorrow. There is. “


Sydney — Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered his country’s “deep sympathy and condolences” to Queen Elizabeth II upon the death of Prince Phillip.

“Your power and stay, Your Majesty may have passed now, but Jenny and I pray that you will find great comfort in your faith, your family at this time,” he said. “But we too, your Majesty tells you as a federation. You endure as you continue to serve so faithfully and so faithfully as you have been for generations. As long as we continue, we will continue to be your strength. “

He added: “She has been there for us for a long time. Let us be there now for your Majesty and send us our love for this. Every day.”

In Canberra, the national flag was lowered to the half-mast of the Capitol.


Manila, Philippines-President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines expressed deep condolences to Queen Elizabeth II in a public message quoting his government’s strong ties to Britain about Prince Phillip’s death.

“We pray for the eternal rest of his soul and for the royal family to find power during this time of mourning,” Duterte said in a message issued by his spokesman Harry Roque.

“The Philippines and Britain have a strong bilateral relationship and we share the sadness of the British during this bereavement,” said Duterte’s message.

Duterte has repeatedly accused European countries in the past, alerting him to his deadly crackdown on illegal drugs, and killing thousands and most of the little suspects. Britain is one of the 18 countries that approved the 2019 UN Human Rights Council resolution calling for an investigation into the human rights situation in the Philippines in Duterte’s bloody crackdown, causing criticism from his administration.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhidin Yasin said the world had lost its “rise” due to the death of Prince Phillip.

Muhyiddin said in a Facebook compliment that the prince had visited Malaysia several times and was always a “friend of our country.”

Introduced in 2000, the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards recognizes thousands of Malaysian youth for their community, sports and adventure activities, and is one of the prince’s many contributions, according to Muhyiddin. did.

“Prince Edinburgh will be sadly missed. His death marks the end of his life spent in selfless service for greater benefit,” said Premier.