Pope recovery in hospital after bowel surgery

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis reportedly made good progress in a recovery period at a hospital in Rome after a bowel surgery under general anesthesia on Monday.

The Vatican City has given little detail about Sunday night surgery at the Gemelipoli Clinic, a major Catholic hospital in the Italian capital.

The Italian Cardinal told reporters that he was informed that the Pope was doing well.

“Our prayers and intimacy are amazing,” said Cardinal Enrico Feloch at the airport in Rome, where he was on the plane. The Italian news agency ANSA quoted him as saying he had heard from another cardinal, Angelo de Donatis, early in the morning, “and he told me that the Pope was fine.” I am a pastor of the Diocese of Rome.

Francis stays in a special 10th-floor suite that the hospital keeps for use by the Pope after Pope John Paul II has stayed there several times due to various medical problems.

He will be hospitalized for a few days.

A twice-daily update on the status of Pope Francis will be issued by the Vatican, with the first update being made late Monday morning.

The Vatican City said late Sunday that 84-year-old Francis responded well to surgery on the lower colon.

But it didn’t just say what the surgery involved and how long it lasted.

Francis developed diverticulum stenosis or stenosis in the sigmoid part of the large intestine.

The Vatican announced hospitalization only after Francis checked in to Gemmeri, but said surgery was planned.

Doctors unrelated to the Pope’s hospitalization said it was common to remove the affected area of ​​the intestine in such cases.

An energetic message continued to arrive for the Pope. Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office said the leader “expressed a loving desire for quick recovery and quick healing.”

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