Pope says Traditionalist Catholics “gag” church reform

Rome (AP) — Pope Francis complained, especially that American Traditional Catholics were “gagging” the modernization reforms of the church, arguing that there was no turning back.

Francis told a group of Jesuit editors in a comment released Tuesday that he was convinced that some Catholics had simply never accepted the Second Vatican Council. Above all, people of other faiths.

According to an excerpt published by the Jesuit magazine La Civilta Cattolica, “the number of groups of’restorers’ is large, for example in the United States, but quite a few,” Francis told the editors.

“Reconstructionism has begun to gag the council,” he added, adding that the Council of Trent in the 16th century knew more memorable priests than the Vatican II in the 20th century.

Traditionalists have become part of Francis’s most intense critics, accusing him of being heretical about his opening up to divorced and civilian remarried Catholics, working with gay Catholics, and other reforms. Did. Francis became more and more strict with them, imposing restrictions on celebrating the old Latin Misa, and traditionalists taking certain actions in parishes and religious orders that resisted his reforms.

Just last week, in a meeting with a Sicilian priest, Francis used “grandma’s lace” in vestments and updated the liturgical outfits to touch on the present era, Vatican II.

“It’s also true that Congress will take a century to settle. It will still take 40 years to settle!” He told the editor.

Talking about the German church, Francis also warned that Cardinal Rainer Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne, had been offered to resign. He faced strong criticism of the church’s treatment of sexual abuse scandals.

Francis gave Wölki a few months “timeout” last September, but still hasn’t decided his future decisively. As a result, the situation in Cologne became uncertain and frustrated the chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, who had to make a decision in one way.

“When the situation was very confusing, I asked the Archbishop to leave for six months, and things were calm and clear,” Francis said. “When he came back, I asked him to write a resignation. He did it. And he wrote an apology letter to the parish. What did I do for him? I left him to see what happened, but I have his resignation. “

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