Popular beach and its iconic pier destroyed by massive storm in California, photo shows

A popular beachside camping and recreation area was destroyed along with its iconic pier and seawall in a storm that hit the California coast last week.

A California State Park posted a photo of the devastating destruction on Twitter. Debris from the wooden pier littered the sand, parking lot, and entrance to Seacliffe State Beach, and huge chunks of cement were missing from the seawall.

Most state parks are closed Due to extensive damage and ongoing storms, the agency said on its website.

However, it remains unclear when Seacliff State Beach can reopen after devastation.

ReserveCalifornia, the state’s reservation system, will contact affected reservation owners by email to issue refunds, officials said on Twitter.

Twitter users sympathized with the destruction of the beach and its beloved pier, cutting off access to the famous ‘cement ship’ (called the SS Palo Alto) moored at the end of the pier, said Santa Cruz Public Safety Supervisor Gabe. McKenna told The McClatchy News.

McKenna said the Jan. 5 swell was huge and unprecedented. High waves blew away all camp facilities and infrastructure, including access roads, bathrooms, parking lots, sidewalks and seawalls, he said.

Seacliff has lost 54% of its pier and the rest is unstable, he said. Authorities are still unsure whether the structurally compromised wreckage needs to be repaired or demolished and rebuilt.

“amount of The shards are pretty incredible‘, he told SFGATE. “We’re talking giant trees. Everything that came out of rivers, piers, railings, ripped apart by swells, landed in day-use areas.”

Chris Sporer, district manager for the Santa Cruz District of California State Parks, told Lookout Santa Cruz. More than half of the seawall is lost.

Forecasts show another large western swell could hit the region at high tide on Friday, leading to the same dangerous combination that caused all of last week’s damage, the outlet reports. increase.

high tide and waves is a dangerous combination. Avoid the coast,” Santa Cruz County said in a tweet.

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