Portland leader rebuilds anti-gun violence unit

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, and city officials have reached an agreement on a proposal aimed at halting the surge in gun violence over the past year.

Oregonian / OregonLive Report A compromise expected to be approved on Wednesday will rebuild an aggressive team of uniformed police officers whose mission is to prevent shootings.

The team will work with stronger private surveillance than its disbanded predecessor.

The move comes after a city leader resolved in June to cut about $ 16 million from police budgets. This includes the abolition of gun violence units.

Reductions were made in protests of racial justice after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Under the agreement, the council also, as proposed last week, provided millions of dollars to community organizations for anti-violent activity as a trio of commissioners proposed last week, hiring 20 demilitarized park rangers. Will approve.

“The surge in gun violence is a public health threat, and we agree that we need to respond to public health by investing in community-based organizations that address changes in the conditions and environment that encourage violence,” Ted said. Mayor Wheeler and all four members made a statement on Tuesday evening.

Lieutenant Greg Pashley, a Portland police spokesman, said Tuesday that there were at least 284 shootings this year, injuring 91 people. Since January 1, guns have caused 18 of the 25 murders in the city.

Statistically, the city is on track to experience 100 murders if it doesn’t slow down for the rest of the year.

Portland recorded 55 murders in 2020, the highest number in 26 years. According to police statistics, 41 people were deadly shootings and people of color accounted for more than half of the victims.