Portland police say the woman gave birth on the sidewalk and left

Officials say a woman in Oregon left her child after giving birth to a baby girl on the sidewalk.

The Portland Police officers and first responders received reports of a woman giving birth just before 11:00 am on Wednesday, according to police agencies.

They were dispatched when it was reported that their mother had left.

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According to police, police officers arrived by bicycle and checked for newborns being cared for by rescuers.

“They said the female mother stumbled eastward at the market with lots of blood and amniotic fluid everywhere,” said Kirby Gratkowski. KOIN-TV..

Police said the mother was uncooperative and was taken to the hospital for a mental health assessment.

“My partner and I got in touch with her and talked about what was happening. We used some additional resources to stop her for about 12 days and put her on the market. I was able to take him and put him in an ambulance. I will go to the hospital for a physical examination and deal with other problems, “says Kirby-Glatkowski.

The woman and her child were taken to the hospital. Officers said the child appeared to be healthy.

Authorities said they were working to learn more about women and what led to her childbirth and walking. According to police, the PPB’s behavioral health unit had been in contact with her in the past.