Portland suspect is likely murdered by police

Olympia, Washington (AP) — Investigators said the fugitives in the killing of right-wing demonstrators in Portland, Oregon probably wanted a fugitive after being first fired by Washington police. discovered.

The U.S. Marshals Service-led task force was trying to arrest Michael Reinoere, 48, near Olympia last September, when four policemen fired at him when he got out of the car. After a demonstration in support of former President Donald Trump, Reinoere was on the run after being nominated as a suspect in the murder of a man.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office summarized Wednesday’s findings, with Reinoere being the first police officer, along with a used shell casing found in a vehicle that matched the gun Reinoel was carrying, based on witness and police statements. He said he believed he had fired at him. vehicle.

However, Sheriff’s office spokesman Lieutenant Cameron Simper said investigators could not “100% surely” confirm the bullet because it could not be found.

The full investigation has not been published. The sheriff’s office forwarded it to the Thurston County Public Prosecutor’s Office, examining whether the shooting was justified or the prosecution was justified.

According to a summary of the findings released Wednesday, field police with Reinoere said he did not obey their orders and he reached out for his gun. Witnesses reported that the badges, vests and markings made it easier to identify the MTF.

A forensic test found a loaded .380 caliber pistol in Reinoere, the same one used to kill Aaron “Jay” Danielson after the August 29 Trump demonstration in Portland. Confirmed to be a weapon. Reinoere described himself as an anti-fascist and previously said he provided security to the Black Lives Matter protests.

MTF tracked Reinoere to an apartment complex in Lacy, Washington on September 3. As he boarded the car, police boarded two unmarked SUVs to prevent him from driving him away.

According to the sheriff’s office, the shooting began when they got out of the car and reported that Reinoere had ignored the order to stop and show his hands. The four policemen fired more than 30 bullets.

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