Portrait of Trump displayed with portraits of other presidents

Washington — When the National Portrait Gallery was reopened for visitors last Friday, it did so in addition to the famous exhibition of presidential portraits. So, in the gallery on the second floor, joining George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and others was Donald Trump, who was crouching from behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

Like the customs associated with the presidency, life after the presidency comes with its own expectations and privileges. One of them is the creation of the Presidential Library. The other is a portrait of the president. And Playing cards library Although announced, the currently released portrait shows that Trump is in the Pantheon of past presidents, despite considering the 2024 presidential election.

Visitors to the National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery in Washington, January 2013, two days before Barack Obama’s second inauguration. (Nicholas Cam via Getty Images / AFP)

Trump participates in iconic examples of presidential portraits such as: Gilbert Stuart’s 1796 painting by George Washington An abstract view of John F. Kennedy of Elaine de Kooning. Fuss and promise Of the 1960s.But the portrait of Trump Photo, Taken Paris Dukovich For Time magazine in 2019.

Brendan Kerry, a spokesman for the Smithsonian Museum, told Yahoo News that traditional portraits of oil-painted canvas are “currently moving forward.” “We have contacted the President and Mrs. Trump after the 2020 election and are currently discussing them.”

Dukovich’s photo shows Trump seeing some of the CEOs and his role in both television (NBC’s “Apprentice”) and real life.One hand is laid flat Resolute deskFirst used by Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880. The other is on the armrest of his leather chair. The president looked directly at the camera, squinted his eyes, and squeezed his lips. The jacket of his suit is buttoned. His tie is red.

Part of the chair is off the desk, suggesting that Trump is about to rise. Behind him you can see portraits of Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin. Trump often quoted fellow populist Jackson as a role model for his own presidency.

Familiar with image creation, Trump has always sought to convey an impression of authority and aptitude. Dukovic captures that desire without comment. As the picture suggests, Trump has power, but that power is isolated. The Oval Office radiates history, but it also radiates loneliness (Trump preferred housing, He was able to watch TV and make phone calls relatively peacefully).

Donald Trump

Photograph portrait of former President Donald Trump at the National Portrait Gallery. (Jim Watson via Getty Images / AFP)

President’s portrait expert Paul Statey, who taught at Mount Holyoke College and wrote the book Of Arms and Artists about how painters saw the American Revolutionary War, said Trump photographed. He said it looked “pale and harsh.” “But I think the official portrait painting in the future will be spectacular. Trump has a lot of control. That’s his own vision. Expect big, flattering and shiny. “I’m doing it,” Statey told Yahoo News.

Trump also mentions a record number of judges he has appointed, as well as admitting that he has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives, and about the text on the wall that is now openly dealing with his legacy. I will tell you. The text states that “a crowd of his supporters” attacked and destroyed the US Capitol on January 6 by refusing to approve the November 3, 2020 elections.

A picture of Trump is displayed on the other side of the room Portrait of Congressman John Lewis, A civil rights leader and Congressman who died last year — Statey said, “Inviting a heated conversation.” In 2017, Lewis said he did not believe Trump was the “legitimate” leader of the country. Trump showed little sympathy when he died three years later. “He didn’t come to my inauguration.” He said about Lewis..

“The neighbor on the right side of Trump is clearly Richard Nixon,” said Statey. Trump critics frequently compared him to Republican Nixon, who resigned in the Watergate scandal and the impeachment looming.

The photo of Trump hangs on a free-standing partition to which the other side belongs Portrait of Barack Obama in Kehin DeweiryTrump relentlessly despised his record during the 2016 presidential election, which was successful in the Oval Office. Prior to that, Trump had promulgated an unreliable conspiracy theory that Obama was a Muslim born outside the United States.

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama next to a newly presented portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in 2018. (Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Smithsonian spokesman Kelly said the last two presidents were always back-to-back and that the juxtaposition of Lewis and Trump was unintentional.Still, some must see the symbol of the president that the opposition said of him. Excuse me, or gave me a white supremacist license One faces the legend of civil rights and the other faces the country’s first black president.

The number of attendees is unknown, but according to Kelly, museum tickets will be booked for the next few weeks (these tickets are free, but must be booked in advance). “The American Presidential Gallery has always been a must-see for visitors,” he said. Obama’s portraits were in the spotlight at the time. Announced in 2018..

It’s hard to say how much Trump will get attention, especially because access to the museum will be restricted for some time. But like President Trump himself, portraits must be controversial. “I deliberately turned away,” said one visitor over the weekend. Said to the guardian..

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