Post-upgrade delivery system in Australia

Overview of Coogee’s Australian Postbox held in Sydney, Australia on October 28, 2020. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched an investigation into Australia Post. CEO Christine Holgate said last week when the Senate estimated that a government-owned company had bought four Cartier watches worth about $ 20,000. (Ryan Earrings / Getty Images)

According to Courier-Mail’s exclusive report, Australia Post is upgrading its technology to alert customers with more accurate delivery times by sending text messages.

Previously, customers were sent a message on the day of arrival, but were not given a more specific time frame for delivery.

The $ 20 million (US $ 14 million) upgrade to Australia Post’s system will implement estimated time of arrival notifications in time for Christmas. This follows a successful trial in October.

According to The Courier-Mail, 6,000 drivers will adopt the technology.

Australia Post’s Head of Network Implementation, Col Hindle, used the COVID-19 pandemic period to inform customers as so many people are sending parcels to their homes more than ever before. He said he tested the possibility of continuing to offer.

“The two-hour time frame provides more transparency and information to our customers about when the parcel will arrive,” he told The Courier-Mail.

“This is especially useful for Christmas, and especially when getting out of the blockade in New South Wales, Victoria, and ACT.”

According to Australia Post, about 9 million Australians bought online during the pandemic. Online purchases increased by 57% in 2020.pdf).

Australia’s e-commerce market is accelerating faster than expected, accounting for more than 16% of the retail market. This number was not expected until 2023.

This will allow Australia to match pre-pandemic numbers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Australia Post deploys more than 500 new electric delivery vehicles, including three-wheeled battery-powered bicycles that can carry more luggage and reduce the number of times mail carriers spend refilling at depots By doing so, we are working to respond to the surge in demand.

The new alert technology is part of a $ 440 million investment to help postal services meet demand.

This includes hundreds of new 24-hour lockers that allow customers to deposit parcels for access at the right time. The luggage will be stored in the locker for 48 hours and then returned to the post office for collection.

Caden Pearson


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