Potential Ukrainian-Russian peace offer brokered by China would damage US reputation: expert


According to Gregory Copley, president of the International Association for Strategic Studies, a possible China-brokered Ukrainian-Russian peace proposal would damage the United States’ reputation.

China on February 24th position paper It outlined the communist regime’s desire to become a mediator of conflicts.

On March 20, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow for a three-day official visit to Russia, where Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin could discuss China’s proposals for resolving the conflict in Ukraine. was expected.

The proposal from Beijing offers neither country anything tangible or substantive, but it does give them an excuse to sit back and negotiate, Copley said. China in the spotlight On NTD, the sister medium of The Epoch Times.

Copley said that if Xi Jinping manages to link the talks to any kind of success, such as a long-term ceasefire or the start of a new negotiating regime, “Xi will gain enormous prestige, which the United States will lose.” I’m thinking.

Mr Copley said Xi Jinping’s position of authority was due to “both leaders, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and Moscow’s President Vladimir Putin, agreeing that China’s peace proposals are meritorious and worthy of discussion.” Because we agreed,” he said.

According to Copley, Zelensky may somehow agree to the Chinese deal.

“Generals are very angry with him [Zelenskyy] For getting them into this war in the first place and managing it in such a way that it caused enormous losses to Ukraine,” he said.

Compromise to protect face

Copley said the deal would likely involve some kind of face-saving compromise by the warring presidents, while creating a greater post-war trading environment for Beijing and the Eurasian trade bloc.

“Russia may allow post-war Ukraine to trade through Donbass Sea of ​​Azov forts like Mariupol,” he said.

“Perhaps there will be some kind of co-government mechanism that recognizes the sovereignty of eastern and western Ukraine, or the part now absorbed by Russia. We will need it,” he added.

He said the consequences of such a deal could be very damaging to the US Eurasian bloc, Moscow, Beijing and others. ”

politician’s spirit

In his opinion, Beijing’s true intention is to keep the US engaged in Ukraine.

“They are not complaining that the United States is being driven by the White House and the State Department to escalate the conflict in Ukraine,” he said.

Copley, on the other hand, said the Pentagon is advocating the exact opposite of its policy: crushing Ukraine and focusing on its main threat, China.

Copley believes that the United States and its allies will try to undermine China’s peace accords at any cost and insist that Ukraine continue the war.

With Poland increasing supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine and the United States pouring so much money, equipment, and to some extent manpower into Ukraine, he believes that the war there is no longer merely a proxy for the West. Said there would be no war with Russia.

“It’s seen as a direct war against Russia. And if it crosses some sort of magical boundary, it could become a real war declared between Russia and NATO countries. It’s really, really dangerous for everyone involved,” he said.

“The reality is that Western rhetoric will require a greater political spirit in the West to replace such a jingoistic policy that seeks to undermine Beijing’s success by building conflict. Seeing the West outrun Beijing in the Middle East, Africa and Europe requires a more skilled approach,” Copley said.