Pranksters called the son of one of Putin’s closest allies and told them he was enlisting in the army, but he refused

Dmitry Peskov

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

  • Putin has announced a partial mobilization plan to immediately recruit 300,000 reservists.

  • Pranksters called the son of a high-ranking Kremlin official and said he had enlisted in the army.

  • Dmitry Peskov’s son said he was not going and would solve the problem “on another level.”

Pranksters phoned the son of a high-ranking Kremlin official to tell them that he was going to enlist in the army and would have to fight in Ukraine, and he responded in an attempt to escape conscription.

The host of Russian YouTube channel Popular Politics called the 32-year-old son of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday.

Pranksters pretending to be draft officers told 32-year-old Nikolai Peskov that he had been drafted and had to undergo a medical examination the next day.

“Of course not!” young Peskov told the prankster, according to a video shared by an independent Russian news website insider. “Please understand that it’s not right for me to be there. I have to work this out on another level.”

“If I have to defend my country, I will do my best. No problem, but I need to understand the political implications and nuances of my situation,” he added.

Call comes after Putin announced partial military mobilization as part of next phase About the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.Russian official Said That is, 300,000 people were immediately conscripted.

His announcement caused panic among Russians. attempted to flee the country others took me down the street to protest.

Dmitri Peskov personally answered prank calls, told Russian news site podium On Wednesday, he said the conversation was taken out of context and that his son would make “the only right decision.”

Older Peskov has been Putin’s official spokesperson for the past two decades. Less than a month after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the United States imposed sanctions on his wife and children, blame them Living a “luxury lifestyle incompatible with the salary of civil servants in Peskov.”

His son, who was raised and educated in the UK, was also sanctioned by the British government in March and has been barred from traveling to the UK ever since. The Telegraph reported.

Upon returning to Russia from his studies in the UK, Peskov served in the Russian Armed Forces from 2010 to 2012, The news site Kommersant reported. He later worked for the Russian TV channel RT, reported The Telegraph.

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