“Predator Hunter” is arrested and faced on suspicion of interfering with police

& Lt; p & gt; Kyle Swanson, self-proclaimed & # x00201c; Predator Hunter & # x00201d; Driving for a sting operation. He faces a grand jury prosecution after the conflict goes wrong.  & Lt; / p & gt; (YouTube screenshot)

Kyle Swanson, a self-proclaimed “predator hunter” heading for a sting operation. He faces a grand jury prosecution after the conflict goes wrong.

(YouTube screenshot)

A Vigilantism In St. Louis, he tricked a pedophile suspect into seeing him in the guise of a child, but is now facing a criminal. Fee After the conflict went wrong.

Kyle Swanson, 30, spent more than two years working with a vigilante called the “KTS Predator Hunter” to seduce men to meet in public. Follower.

Washington post Swanson reports that he is currently facing a grand jury prosecution of illegal detention and obstruction of justice. Both are felony.

He has also been charged with misdemeanor crimes.

In one of his encounters, Swanson allegedly invited a man into a car, refused to leave him, and threatened to hit him.

“The grand jury’s decision here puts itself and others at risk if members of the community decide to put justice in their hands, even for commendable purposes. It reflects the basic idea that it could damage a potential incident, “he said in a statement. Washington post..

Mr Swanson complained about the law enforcement’s decision to prosecute him using his social media account to deny cheating on his part.

“They protect pedophiles better than I do,” he said in a TikTok video. “I’m not doing anything, but I’m trying to do good. I’m trying to protect my children, and now they’re messing me up.”

Swanson claims he has benefited from law enforcement fights against child predators Madison County, but law enforcement officers in Illinois have clearly reported his group since their inception. Is in conflict with.

Former Madison County lawyer Tom Gibbons previously told Swanson that his group’s actions could easily run wild, cause violence and make it difficult for Madison County to prosecute criminals. I warned that there was.

He said he urged the group to stop setting up meetings with suspicious pedophiles. Sheriff Madison County also asked Mr Swanson to end his conflict and instead send them their advice to law enforcement experts.

Swanson claims that his group was instrumental in arresting hundreds of pedophiles trying to rape their children, St. Louis Post Dispatch In 2019, prosecutors reported that many cases had collapsed because they did not have enough evidence to secure the conviction.

In addition to endangering police activity, the group also opened itself to proceedings from its targets.

Last year, one of the men who faced the vigilante sued them for defamation, claiming that a group post about him faced him and his family with endless harassment by Mr. Swanson’s followers.

“The defendant maliciously and deliberately published a false statement on a Facebook page with thousands of followers in an attempt to damage the plaintiff’s reputation,” the proceedings dismissed in March alleged.

Swanson also faced criticism from the local school district for inviting pedophile suspects to school parking for meetings without warning the school system.

The vigilante is inspired by the NBC show “Catch the Predators,” in which a team led by host Chris Hansen invites pedophiles to a meeting and Hansen confronts their intentions before police arrest the individual. Is getting

The show was popular, but ended in 2007 after a man committed suicide as a film crew and police broke into his home due to a conflict at the show.

The man’s family sued NBC, alleging that Shaw had “steam-rolled” the police and pressured police officers to arrest them without taking appropriate precautions.

NBC finally settled the proceedings in 2008 with private payments.

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