Predictions say there are two Atlantic systems, one of which can be a tropical cyclone.


Forecasters are monitoring two disturbances in the Atlantic Ocean, one of which could turn into a tropical cyclone by early next week.

One of the turmoil was raining in the Guinean highlands in the endorheic region of Africa early Thursday. According to the National Hurricane Center, tropical waves are expected to soon move off the coast of West Africa and travel about 15 mph west of the Atlantic Ocean, which could occur in the coming days.

This system has a 10% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours and a 50% chance of forming in the next 5 days.

Another tropical wave caused widespread chaotic showers and thunderstorms in the central Atlantic Ocean. The chance of its formation is 20% over the next 5 days.

“Environmental conditions are expected to slightly facilitate some slow development east of the Lesser Antilles while the disturbance moves west-northwest at 10-15 mph,” the forecaster advised Thursday at 2:00 am. I wrote in.

NOAA this week Expected number of storms this year And now we are requesting 15 to 21 named storms. This has increased since May when we requested 13 to 20 named storms. NOAA’s predictions regarding the number of hurricanes (7 to 10) and major hurricanes (3 to 5) remained unchanged.

The name of the next storm is Fred.