Pregnant mothers with big baby bumps respond to criticism


A mother awakened by having a “huge” baby lump will not succumb to the shame of pregnancy.

Eliana Rodriguez, 29, gave birth to a second child, a son named Sebastian. Her pregnancy and baby were healthy, but Rodriguez’s larger-than-average stomach caught wide eyes and drew unfiltered comments: “You’re huge” “As you have twins” I see. “” You must be very suffering. “And” Did you see if there was another baby there? “

Large pregnancy ridges can indicate certain health problems, but in other cases it is completely natural and the way a woman’s body grows.Rodriguez I told my parents today She and her baby were completely healthy.

“I carried a lot during my pregnancy. Both my kids weighed 8.3 pounds at birth,” Rodriguez said. Today’s parentsHe added that her newborn son was 20.5 inches and her 3-year-old daughter Sophia was 19.5 inches at birth.

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Rodriguez said it’s easy to ignore Instagram trolls, but people were often noisy themselves.

“I was never rude,” Rodriguez said she understood her curiosity. “I answer,’Yes, I’m huge and it’s difficult.'”

Eliana Rodriguez (provided by Eliana Rodriguez)

Eliana Rodriguez (provided by Eliana Rodriguez)

“I was wondering why my belly was bigger than any other woman,” said Rodriguez, who runs a health and wellness company in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I’m 4’11 and my torso is short, so the doctor said it was normal.”

Rodriguez started showing in two months.

“I was so excited that I wanted to share. We were looking for a second baby and wanted a boy. I’m an open person,” she said.

During pregnancy, Rodriguez carried large amounts of amniotic fluid, fluid into the amniotic sac, and moved and protected the fetus.

Excess is called “polyhydramnios” and Mayo Clinic It is said to occur in 1-2 percent of pregnancies. In most cases it is not serious, but it can cause preterm birth.

Rodriguez told his parents today that she had plenty of amniotic fluid, but her doctor wasn’t enough to be diagnosed with polyhydramnios.

“They checked the amount of water and the size of the baby,” she said.

according to Dr. Chiara KingOBGYN in Chicago, Illinois (not treated Rodriguez), other reasons for excess water are maternal diabetes, malformations of fetal anatomical structure, fetal giants (baby weight 8) Pounds (if above 13 ounces), maternal obesity or unhealed. Diastasis recti From a previous pregnancy (if the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy). Fortunately, Rodriguez has not experienced these complications.

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She said she wanted to keep herself a comment that people were ashamed of their pregnancy and ashamed of their bodies while Rodriguez was processing prying questions. She said physical opinions could put a woman in a “dark place”, especially if someone suffers from perinatal or postpartum depression.

“I know some people lack compassion for others. I’m a woman of faith, and … I feel very sick of those who make unpleasant comments,” Rodriguez said. rice field.

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