Premier Ford pledges and apologizes for paid sick leave program for workers

Toronto — Premier Doug Ford has promised a paid sick leave program for Ontario workers after months of saying no state policy is needed.

He says those forced to quarantine shouldn’t have to worry about their jobs or income.

He states that the state is currently working on a solution because the federal government has not expanded its own policies.

The emotional prime minister also apologized for closing the playground last Friday, increasing police enforcement.

He says his government moved too fast and made a mistake.

The government has announced new restrictions amid a surge in incidents and a surprising increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

“I always try to do the right thing,” Ford said. “If something goes wrong, fix it.”

Ford categorically refused to introduce a sick leave program despite the outbreak of COVID-19 in the workplace.

His turnaround came today at his first press conference since announcing the new COVID-19 regulation that caused a fierce backlash on Friday.

Ford has been in quarantine after a member of his staff tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.