Premier of South Australia reveals detailed plans for Adelaide Entertainment Center site

Premier of South Australia Steven Marshall will make the Adelaide Entertainment Center a state-of-the-art film production as part of the new $ 662 million ($ 471.3 million) city arena and basketball stadium if it wins the March elections. I promised to turn it into a site.

In a pre-election speech to business leaders on Friday, Marshall said the new facility would attract international attention. SA advertiser report.

Currently, SA Film Corporation is located in Glenside, but space and resources are limited and industry criticism has been raised, Marshall said.

He, Riverbank Arena You can establish a much larger film production hub.

“Now we didn’t keep the fact that we went out, and we chased an international job to come to South Australia,” Marshall said.

“We brought Mortal Kombat to the stage. It created thousands of jobs in the screen sector.”

He explained that the government did it to create a sustainable and rewarding career option for South Australians who have just graduated from college.

“I know the Adelaide Entertainment Center will be an absolutely great facility for the screen sector, and I know I’m already interested in that sector,” Marshall said.

The Riverbank Arena replaces the Adelaide Entertainment Center and hosts concerts and court sports such as basketball, netball and tennis.

The Adelaide Entertainment Center has a total capacity of 11,300 and court sports are limited to 9,200, while the new arena can accommodate 15,000 at all events.

In addition, a fully integrated convention facility will be located adjacent to the stadium, connecting both buildings with underground tunnels.

The new convention center will expand the exhibition space by 5,600 square meters (60,278 square meters), allowing South Australia to compete for major international conferences and events that currently exceed the state’s capabilities.

However, the arena plan announced in March 2021 has been criticized by the Labor Party.

In a social media post on Wednesday, South Australia’s Labor leader Peter Marinauskas said that if elected in March, Labor would abandon the $ 662 million project instead of investing money in the healthcare system.

Also on Wednesday, Marinauskas addressed the Labor Party and Crossbench parliamentarians in South Australia in the House of Representatives. “We prioritize public health over the city’s basketball stadium,” he said.

If Marshall gets another term, construction of the arena will begin in 2025 after the completion of the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Marshall said this would ensure certainty and stability in the South Australian construction sector.

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