President Belarus denies reporting that Belarusian troops have entered Ukraine

On March 1, President Belarus denied reports that his troops had entered Ukraine.

“The Belarusian army has not participated in and will not participate in military operations,” President Alexander Lukashenko said at the Belarusian Security Council in Minsk.

“Why is the problem? Do they have the same weapons as us? Please, Lord. Not enough talent? Many. Combat skills? Many. We are still that special. I’m not going to participate in any of these operations. I won’t go, “he added.

Russian officials describe the invasion of Ukraine as a special military operation.

According to reports from Ukraine, Belarusian troops have invaded the Chernihiv region in northeastern Ukraine near Belarus.

The Ukrainian Parliament quoted Ukraine’s military commander, Vitaly Kirilov, and the Ukrainian Outlet UNIAN quoted Ukrainian special communications and national services for information protection, both Kirilov and national services such information. Does not seem to be announced.

Residents of villages in the area told UNIAN that they had discovered a movement of military equipment believed to be of Belarus origin.

A senior U.S. defense official told reporters that the United States had not confirmed that Belarusian troops had invaded Ukraine. “There were no signs of that,” officials said.

Russia has used Belarus to open up a new front in Ukraine, but Belarus is hesitant to get involved directly.

“Russia is being pushed towards World War III. We must be very modest and avoid it, because the nuclear war is over,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin. Allies Lucashenko said while voting over the weekend. He also suggested that Russia would win the war soon, but Belarusian troops might be ready within hours “if necessary.”

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency is preparing a “intentional provocation” on Tuesday to justify Russia’s introduction of Belarusian troops into the conflict, with about 300 Belarusian tanks near the Belarusian-Ukraine border. Said that.

Belarus hosted ceasefire negotiations, which ended on February 28 without a resolution. Both camps are scheduled to meet again on March 2.

Lukashenko said Ukraine must act to end the war.

“These discussions can result in stopping the war. But believe me, everything depends on the Ukrainian side. They hear what the Western and Americans keep feeding them. If you don’t tilt, the war will stop, “he said.

Zachary Stieber


Zachary Stieber covers US and world news. He is based in Maryland.