President of Nepal dissolves parliament. November elections

Kathmandu, Nepal (AP) —The Nepalese president is leading a minority government and is unlikely to secure a vote of confidence in parliament. Announced the election.

A notice issued by President Vidia Devi Bandari’s office set the elections for November 12th and 19th.

Nepal has been tackling the political crisis while suffering from a coronavirus surge and a record number of daily infections and deaths in a severe shortage of hospital beds, medicines and oxygen.

Last year, Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli disbanded parliament himself because of a feud within his ruling Nepal Communist Party. However, several petitions were filed with the Supreme Court, and the judge ordered Congress to return.

The latest decisions are also likely to be challenged in court and the decisions can take weeks.

Ori had lost his confidence vote earlier this month after his party faction refused to support him. He was again appointed head of the minority government, but needed the support of half of the members within a month to continue. However, it is unlikely that Ori will be able to collect votes.

He became prime minister after the Nepalese Communist Party won two-thirds of the seats in the 2017 parliamentary elections. The powerful screening gave hope for a stable and long-lasting government, but his party split earlier this year over differences in party leadership.

Ori has been criticized for paying too much attention to the party’s controversy rather than a pandemic.

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