President responds to heckler at rally to mark 100 days

& Lt; p & gt; US President Joe Biden spoke on April 27, 2021 outside the White House in Washington, USA, about the administration's response to coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  & Lt; / p & gt; (Reuters / Kevin Lamarck / File photo)

US President Joe Biden speaks about the administration’s reaction to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outside the White House in Washington, DC, on April 27, 2021.

(Reuters / Kevin Lamarck / File photo)

Joe BidenGovernment was accused by the former president Donald Trump Thursday after the Democratic Party gave its first speech to the joint meeting Meeting Before night.

Mr. Trump, who accused the Democratic Party of “destroying our country” for appearing in the Fox business, also said that former private lawyer Rudy Giuliani “great patriotism” after a federal investigator attacked a 76-year-old apartment on Wednesday. I praised him as a person. ..

Giuliani denies allegations of breaking lobbying laws while working for Mr. Trump and collecting information about the Ukrainian Biden family for the 2020 election. This was Giuliani’s claim to be a fraud.

The former president continued to call himself the “father of vaccines” and praised the country’s development, despite criticism that he failed to meet his first vaccination goals during his last few weeks of office. did.

On Wednesday, Biden told millions of Americans who had not yet been vaccinated, showing that 66% had approved control of Democratic Covid during his first 100 days in office on Thursday. He described the shot as “go-go get.”

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