Pressure for government investigations to show public support for ‘anti-hate’ laws is a serious problem


The next step in narrowing Canadians’ rights may be justified by a government inquiry that eliminated voices opposing the government’s attempts to stifle freedom of expression.

In a chilling harbinger of what is likely to happen with this year’s Online Harm Act, it revealed this week According to Jamie Sarkonak of the National Post, Heritage Canada officials said that “National Action Plan to Combat Hate

They did this by inserting screening questions that disqualified those who did not agree that the government should crack down on disapproving speech. This includes things like law patrols and newspaper page scrubbing.

Sarkonak said that early survey responses would allow public officials to “add people or groups that fund, support, or participate in white supremacist activities to the official list of white supremacist groups.” I received an email stating that I strongly disagreed with any proposal to create or change existing legislation. Also on the research’s checklist was a proposal to create an “anti-racism law” that would ensure that social and traditional media (e.g. television and newspapers) “follow standards that reject hate.” .

Between 75% and 80% of the initial responses were described by officials as “non-aligned”. In other words, a regular Canadian, some of whom may have become aware of the investigation after his Quillette’s Jonathan Kay, who has many followers on social media, tweeted about it. The remaining 20-25% of his (allies) were overwhelmingly from her IP addresses in the Canadian government.

In other words, civil servants dutifully supported civil servants trying to massage the public opinion they were supposed to serve.

So while the survey’s homepage continued to state that all Canadians were being consulted, Boffin said, “We’ve had well over 500 cases where we (staff) shouldn’t have been included. … so they are helping us a lot,” says the Sarkonak report.

The comment comes from an email sent out in the second week of April, following a move to “fix” the findings by silencing people who see things differently. By the time the investigation closed on his May 8th, more than 20,000 Canadians had participated in what appeared to be a process designed to produce predetermined results. In other words, it’s along the lines of how they handle these things in North Korea, and is not at all consistent with the principles underpinning modern liberal democracy. I hope so.

This liberal government is obsessed with crafting menacing solutions to problems that are exaggerated at best and pure figurines of radical imagination at worst.

Despite the introduction of online streaming laws to curb companies such as Netflix, in the decade since Netflix and other online video stores emerged, demand for their products soared, causing the Canadian film and television industry to thrive. We have grown 80%. For example, the post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us debuts on Crave this week. Filmed in Alberta, the production is the largest in Canadian history and has plowed more than $200 million into the Canadian creative’s economy. However, the government felt compelled to intervene as it did not control this or similar investments.

Facebook and Google do business with most major media outlets when it comes to content sharing, yet liberals online news law To force the “web giants” to do what they have already done, except they control it.

And now by notorious anti-Semite Reis Malouf in a government-funded media training deal to attack “Zionists” using newly expanded definitions of hate and white supremacy. A term notoriously abused has recently been applied very loosely. Radical re-education of Canadians.

There is a serious problem with governments that fabricate evidence that suppresses basic rights. And, as has become clear, the Trudeau government has no intention of using your parents’ definition of Nazi vile racist hatred or horrific KKK-style supremacy.

No, hate and white supremacy are everywhere if you listen to voices on the far left, as Trudeau is. These days, there’s a supremacist under every bed and a hater in every closet. Your neighbor may be one of them. Maybe there should be a snitch line.

As a member of the military recently heard during an indoctrination, uh, education session:

“White supremacy is a global problem that has completely infected our country,” Dr. Rachel Zellers told them. “It comes in all shapes and sizes and cleans up really nicely,” she said, according to the Department of Defense, specifically referring to the Freedom Convoy protests. wrap up.

It remains to be seen whether Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez will use his so-called investigation to support his upcoming sanitizing of the Canadian psyche.

But what banks can say is that the new law does not apply to disinformation emanating from the Prime Minister’s Office or its ‘allies’.

And as for the bureaucrats who fudged the facts about how Canadians really feel, let’s just say they put a whole new twist on the public service’s once lofty promise of telling the truth to power. prize.

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peter menzies

Peter Menzies is a Senior Research Fellow at the Macdonald Laurier Institute, an award-winning journalist, and former Vice-Chairman of the CRTC.