Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek denies alleged knowledge Counterfeit reports of officials

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek is one of his annual reports in a way that her government tells former state archivist Mike Summerrel “a misleading story for political gain.” Denied having prior knowledge of allegations of ordering to “intentionally” change.

It was ordered by Summerell, who quit his job in March 2021, to remove information from the 2017-18 annual report related to Mark Bailey’s personal email scandal. After saying that.

In addition, he argued that for the next three years, most of his request for legal advice on the independence of his role was thwarted by the Office of Housing and Public Works.

Busy To reporters On February 1, Parasek said: I’ve heard about it, and as I said, they’re serious. “

The Prime Minister wondered why the former state archivist was hired as a civil servant but did not refer the issue to the Queensland Corruption Oversight Agency, the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

“Civil servants are frank and honest, and I encourage you to say if you don’t think something is right,” she said, saying that every civil servant has a “duty” to raise a question with his boss or secretary. I added.

“They are serious problems and there is a set of actions that every employee of a public service can take,” she added.

“If these were such concerns for him at the time, why weren’t they made at the time? But I’m very pleased to investigate these issues raised by the Secretary. increase.”

Report suspected of being whitewashed

After publishing the 2015–16 and 2016–17 annual reports “without interference”, Summerell “pressures” to remove potentially “negatively perceived” content from the 2017–18 report. It is said that the problem started when he said.

“Obviously, Bailey’s investigation, its findings, its recommendations, its costs, the potential improvements in public record law, the removal of anything that mentions government record-keeping standards-essentially the law I report. Everything that suggests to do. It’s become a completely misleading document … and intentionally did, “he said in a statement. Courier-mail issuance..

Epoch Times Photo
Queensland Minister Mark Bailey will speak on October 27, 2021 during a questioning time at the Capitol in Brisbane, Australia. (AAP Image / Jono Searle)

Summerrell’s statement comes after Sunday Mail reports that it has found a copy of the whitewashed annual report, and Summerrell is a criminal charge for multiple offenses for Bailey’s use of his private Yahoo mail account. We considered whether we might face prosecution.

“State archivists believe there are multiple reasons to claim that Bailey’s actions are consistent. [a] It is a violation of Article 13 of the Public Records Act and is of such importance in terms of the number and importance of records for considering prosecution under the Public Records Act and other relevant laws. ” Says. According to Sunday Mail..

The Epoch Times could not validate the report on its own.

Summerrell was a state archivist who had to submit an independent report to the Queensland Parliament when summoned to state government headquarters for an order allegedly received to remove the reference to Bailey. Could not be matched with his perceived independence as.

“We were informed that the previously recognized independence of national archivists, which had been in place since the passage of public records in 2002, is no longer valid,” he said.

Mr. Summerrel said the Secretary had received legal advice that state archivists were “independent” other than the decision to dispose, and were in fact subject to the direction and control of the Secretary and Minister.

“I responded with a long dissertation outlining this in complete conflict with previous legal advice, the purpose of the law, and the intent of law and practice throughout Australia. [New Zealand].. My reaction was ignored, “said Summerrel.

However, the Prime Minister reiterated that the state archivist was not the “creator of an independent statutory authority,” and in her understanding, Summerrell was an employee of the public sector who left his position.

“Under the Code of Conduct, you are obliged to bring things up to the Secretary or your boss,” Parasek said. “But also, if there are serious allegations of illegal activity, the right path for those issues to be investigated is CCC.”

Palaszczuk, who has been Prime Minister for seven years and served under the previous Labor government, was unable to provide details on the rules surrounding the annual report.

Allegedly blocked from Crown’s legal advice

Meanwhile, Summerell said he could not seek independent legal advice from the King’s law firm to clarify the alleged order given to destroy the annual report. Progress. “

“As a state archivist, I felt that my position was fundamentally wrong, so I sought legal advice from the Crown Act on two important aspects of this.

“I sought clarification in the investigation I conducted regarding possible instructions in the content of the annual report and possible violations of the law.

“In my view, this law gave me the independence of the investigation. In fact, the interference with my investigation was actually a violation of the law,” he said.

Meanwhile, Palaszczuk said the Secretary of Public Services will investigate the allegations.

of statement On February 1, Housing Minister Leanne Enoch said:

“If the former state archivist has evidence, he believes that further investigation is needed and needs to provide it to the authorities concerned.”

Queensland Opposition Leader David Cloncurry Asked for the Royal Commission About the problem.

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