Prime Minister calls on Queensland to allow home quarantine


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on Queensland to allow home quarantine as the state government addresses the shortage of hotel quarantine rooms and faces criticism of sports star border exemptions.

The Queensland Government has granted border passes to families and league officials of more than 100 NRL players while the New South Wales border was closed.

A charter plane arrived from Sydney on Monday afternoon, despite a health order banning anyone but an essential worker who had been vaccinated at least once from New South Wales.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on Queensland to move to his home quarantine, which is being tried in South Australia, to resolve capacity issues in hotel quarantine.

“I definitely share people’s frustration (sports star exemption) about it,” he told 4BC Radio.

“But what’s the answer? What’s the answer? You need to move to your home quarantine.

“Home quarantine means that every Australian and every Queenslander has a (quarantine) location.”

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek moved away from the NRL’s border exemption on Monday afternoon.

“I didn’t grant tax exemption, the Chief Health Officer granted tax exemption,” she told reporters.

Palaszczuk also decided to allow Australian and Indian female cricketers to participate in hotel quarantine before the series, despite suspending the domestic quarantine program for two weeks due to capacity burden. Defended.

“It’s on the outside of the cap, so it has nothing to do with the cap used domestically (quarantine),” she said.

The exemption covers thousands of Queenslander and interstate highway residents who are stuck outside the state after the New South Wales border is closed and quarantine of hotels in the country is suspended. ..

After the federal government approved the developer of an 800-bed dedicated quarantine facility in Brisbane last week, the Queensland Government began building its own 1000-bed facility near Toowoomba.

Wanting a quarantine site is Sheane Gordon, a cancer patient stuck in the border town of Chinderah, New South Wales, after attending her mother’s funeral in Victoria on July 23.

Gordon said he was told to drive to Sydney, fly to Queensland and enter the hotel’s quarantine for 14 days on his own.

“It’s not fair. As you know, we live … I live 78km away from where I’m standing now. And I can drive there directly without stopping. You can, “she said.

“Well, I live on 9 acres. I don’t need to meet anyone. I don’t need to contact. Easy to quarantine at home. And I just … they don’t forgive me. . “

The Queensland Government had previously excluded trials of home quarantine arrangements until the outcome of the SA trial.

However, Ms. Paraschuk will announce a home quarantine test for children attending boarding school interstate highways in areas not classified as COVID-19 hotspots.

Currently, if a boarder wants to return to Queensland, he must enter the hotel quarantine with one of his parents or guardians.

The trial allows students to be self-isolated from the whole family at home for 14 days.