Prime minister free to re-open constitution if clause is questionable: Ford

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is free to resume talks with the province.

Ford issued its comments today after being criticized for preemptively invoking a “nevertheless” clause in a law that imposes new contracts on 55,000 Ontario education workers.

This provision allows the legislature to revoke portions of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms for five-year terms.

Faced with the prospect of large-scale labor disruption, Ford now says it is willing to repeal the law if unions agree to return to the negotiating table.

But he argued that using the clause was within the rights of the states, and that if Trudeau didn’t like it, he should call the first cabinet meeting to discuss constitutional changes. Stated.

Prime Minister Trudeau says now is not the time to reopen the constitution, but he is strongly advised not to use the clause if the province wants to avoid the kind of chaos seen in Ontario last week. warned that it would be

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