Prime Minister Scott Morrison states that China has a “form on foreign interference” in Australia

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Saturday, China has a “form” or record of foreign intervention in Australia, and his government is “very aware” of the impact Beijing is trying to do domestically. Said.

“Therefore, the proposal by the Chinese government not to interfere with Australia did not enact the law for no reason,” Morrison said. Said Reporter.

“We put it there to ensure that the security of Australians is protected from foreign influences in their own country,” he added.

Morrison was answering questions about Interior Minister Karen Andrews. Claim China may have timed the announcement of a security agreement with the Solomon Islands to influence Australia’s election results.

When asked if he agreed that the Solomon Islands-China security agreement would take place at the same time as the election, Morrison replied: That’s why we introduced the law. “

A security agreement between the Solomon Islands and China, signed last week, could destabilize the Indo-Pacific between the United States and its allies, with Beijing using the agreement to establish a military presence in the region. Triggered a warning that there was.

According to the leaked draft agreement, Beijing, with the consent of the Solomon Islands, will send police, troops, weapons and even naval vessels to “protect the safety of Chinese personnel and major Solomon Islands projects.” Will be able to.

Prime Minister Morrison said on April 24 that the prospect of establishing a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands is a “red line” for Australia and calls the security agreement a “common concern” between governments.

The Australian Labor opposition has accused the Morrison government of dropping the ball into its involvement in the region, saying it was Australia’s worst foreign policy disaster in the Pacific since World War II.

Labor Party diplomatic spokesman Penny Wong, under Morrison’s leadership, said the region was “unsafe” and the risk to Australia was much greater.

“The government should have acted faster. We live in a world where the strategic situation we face is more dangerous and uncertain than at any time after World War II.” She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on April 20th.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavale argued that the agreement with China did not undermine peace and harmony in the region, but Washington Said The “unspecified nature” of the security treaty is alarming as it follows Beijing’s pattern of offering “shadow” transactions to the country.

Daniel Y. Teng contributed to this report.

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