Prime Minister Trudeau responds to leaked CSIS files, saying Beijing interfered to support liberal minorities in 2021 elections

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau news on leaked Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) documents detailing how China used a strategy of interfering in the 2021 federal elections to bring the Liberal Party back into power I have responded to the report.

February 17th Earth and Postal Articles cited top-secret CSIS documents covering the period before and after the September 2021 election campaign, resulting in a small number of Liberal governments. That result was one of the goals of the intervention, but Beijing also wanted to defeat Conservative lawmakers it deemed critical of the regime, The Grove reported.

According to CSIS documents, Beijing wanted a second liberal minority in Congress to ensure Trudeau’s power remained in check.

“I have said for years, even on the floor of the House of Commons, that China is trying to interfere in our democracy and in our process, including during elections. We recognize this,” Trudeau said. told reporters February 17th, hours after the Globe article was published.

“This is not a new phenomenon. It’s something countries around the world have been grappling with for a long time, and Canada is no exception.”

Trudeau also claimed that Canada’s electoral process was intact.

“For the 2019, 2021 and upcoming elections, this government will create a panel of top civil servants and rely on all the information provided by security agencies like CSIS to ensure the We will ensure interference, it will not affect the conduct or outcome of our elections,” he said.

“All Canadians can have complete confidence that the results of the 2019 and 2021 elections were determined solely by Canadians and Canadians.”

The Earth Report said that the Security and Intelligence Threats to Elections (SITE) task force, set up by the Trudeau government to monitor threats to federal elections, will report on the issue of foreign interference during the 2019 or 2021 campaigns. I pointed out that I never brought

This was further supported by Waleed Soliman, who served as SITE’s Conservative Party representative.

“Despite the clear evidence of Chinese tampering in the 2019 election, after extensive security clearances in Ottawa and multiple meetings with our security organizations, these I can confirm that the threat was *never* raised,” wrote Soliman. Feb. 17 on Twitter In response to Grove’s report.

“Worse yet, our party had seen clear signs of tampering on horseback with a significant number of Chinese diaspora. It was a conscious decision: our concerns were not taken seriously.”

When asked if the leaked documents indicated displeasure within CSIS over government inaction, Trudeau said the agency needs to review its security.

“This certainly signals a need to rethink security within CSIS, and I expect CSIS to take this issue very seriously,” he said.

Following the publication of the Globe report, the Bloc Quebecois and Conservative MPs were complicit in criticizing the Liberal government.

“Today, The Globe & Mail reported that CSIS documents confirmed that “Chinese diplomats and their agents supported Justin Trudeau’s Liberal re-election,” Conservative MP Raquel Dancho wrote. rice field. on Twitter.

“Congress must investigate these reports thoroughly and transparently.”

The Epoch Times has not verified the original CSIS document.

Peking Intervention Operation

According to CSIS documents reported by The Globe, the Chinese government has accused diplomats and other proxies (including some Chinese-language media) of being too critical of China and the once-elected Conservative MPs to He instructed them to spread the idea that if they did, they would follow the lead. It criticizes former US President Donald Trump and barred Chinese students from certain universities and educational programs.

“This will jeopardize the future of voters’ children as it limits educational opportunities,” a Chinese consulate official said, according to a CSIS document reported by The Globe.

“The Liberal Party of Canada is becoming the only political party that China can support,” the official added, according to reports.

Beijing’s intervention tactics included “pressing the consulate to create a strategy for political exploitation. [active] “Members and associations of the Chinese community within Canadian society,” and also using Canadian organizations to advocate on behalf of China, the article said.

Former Chinese Consul General in Vancouver, Tong Xiaoling, boasted about how he helped beat two Conservative MPs in 2021, according to CSIS documents.

In early November 2021, CSIS reported, Tong discussed the defeat of Conservatives in the Vancouver area. She described the Conservative as a “vocal detractor” of the Chinese regime. According to The Globe, an unidentified national security source said the MP was Kenny Chiu, then a Conservative MP for Steveston-Richmond East, British Columbia.

When asked about Tong’s praise of Conservative lawmakers’ defeat, Trudeau said it was not surprising.

“The fact that Chinese diplomats take credit for what happened is not unseen in diplomatic circles around the world,” he said.

“As a matter of fact, the work that CSIS has done so far also includes an Election Integrity Commission, headed by a top civil servant … Any risk to our elections or the integrity of those elections is It will always be guaranteed to be revealed to the public.”

The CSIS document also said Chinese Communist Party leaders in Beijing were “pressuring the consulate to develop a strategy for political exploitation.” [active] Members and associations of the Chinese community within Canadian society.

According to the Globe, the regime is “obfuscating its ties to the People’s Republic of China” while using Canadian entities to represent it, the documents said.

According to The Globe, the documents also say that people who sympathize with Beijing’s cause are encouraged to make campaign donations to China-backed candidates. Political campaigns secretly return to donors a portion of their donations, the “difference between the original donation and the government’s reimbursement,” which is illegal, the report added.

Anonymous national security sources told The Globe that nine Liberal candidates and two Conservative candidates are backing Beijing, with two Conservative candidates seen as friends of China. He said it was done.