Prime Minister Vic is enthusiastic about confrontation with the federal government over vaccination status for overseas travelers

The Government of Australia and the Government of the Labor Party of Victoria are in conflict after the Premier of Victoria. Daniel Andrews points out that international tourists may need three vaccinations, which is inconsistent with the Union’s decision to double dose.

upon February 7The federal government has announced that full vaccination will open the border to overseas travelers who have been fully vaccinated from February 21, assuming that they have been vaccinated twice with the COVID-19 vaccine.

but, Busy If ATAGI decides at a press conference on February 8 that Australians will need to be vaccinated three times to be considered fully vaccinated, it will be the same for international travelers. I suggested.

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Premier Victoria Daniel Andrews will speak at a media conference in Melbourne, Australia on October 24, 2021. (AsankaRatnayake / Getty Images)

“For a few issues, whatever it is, it’s a metaphor for ATAGI in the first example, and I’m convinced that the federal government reserves the right to change views based on expert advice. I am. “

He could flag ATAGI as “must be very close to that decision” and take up the definition of complete vaccination for international travelers at a national cabinet meeting on February 11. Suggested that there is sex.

“All the advice I got from our team is that all you need to be as safe as possible to be protected is three doses. So wait, why is that advice? Let’s see if there is one, “he said, suggesting that Victoria could follow ATAGI’s decision if the definition of complete vaccination changes.

But Federal Finance Minister Simon Birmingham Accused Andrews built uncertainty and urged him to reconsider.

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Finance Minister Simon Birmingham at a press conference at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Australia, May 13, 2021. (AAP Image / Mick Tsikas)

“For the Australian tourism industry, it’s a really great breakthrough to say,’Allow everyone given a double dose.'” [because] It’s still a standard advised by our health officials, “Birmingham told the February 9th Today Show.

“But this kind of uncertainty will be a devastating blow to a company that has been kneeling for two years.”

“”[Businesses] Finally we saw light at the end of the tunnel, and now, of course, they have this kind of uncertainty. “

Birmingham urged Andrews to rethink “going back to federal health advice,” but reassured anyone coming to Australia that they could get a booster when they were here.

Melbourne’s business influenced by Omicron

Progress in the debate about what constitutes a fully vaccinated person comes as the mayor of the city of Melbourne, Sarah Cap. She said she was waiting Today’s show was reported by the Andrews government to “emphasize” people to let them know they should return.

Cap said the outbreak of Omicron in the state was causing a “shadow blockade” that undoubtedly had a “catastrophic effect” on Melbourne’s small business owners.

The Victorian government continues to encourage workers to work from home, and Cap has expressed his desire to change it. She welcomes the Prime Minister to announce to workers that “it’s time to return to work in the city.”

“This is absolutely important for the future of our city,” she said.

Businesses in the Melbourne metropolitan area are taking in particular due to the shortage of office workers.

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A person who passed the KFC Outlet in Melbourne, Australia on July 15, 2020. (William West via Getty Images / AFP)

David Perrotta, owner of Cafe Andyamo in the tourist area of ​​Degraves Street in the metropolitan area, also said at the Today Show that the shortage of office workers currently working at home has reduced customers by about 50%. rice field. ..

“CBD can probably drop a” B “. There is no business, so just call it the Central District, “Perrotta said.

“This is one of Melbourne’s most iconic streets, with three or four shops rented and has been rented for a long time. I know there is a problem.”

Matt Canavan, Senator Liberal, Queensland For today show Australia has been “well divided as a country” with “virtually six different countries throughout most of the last two years.”

Canavan said it was time for Australia to resurrect as a country due to Australia’s high immunization rates.

He said that Victoria’s inconsistency not only hurt Victoria, but also the tourism industry in other states, “some people will not appear at all.”

“We need a consistent approach here. There can be no situation where someone wants to travel all the way from the other side of the world to Australia and they can’t come to all the different places.”

Canavan added that he really wants to take “the scrap of all these vaccination rules” one step further.

“They aren’t doing anything to stop the spread,” he said.

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