Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson prepare for harmful secrets in all new books

Andrew Lowney's book aims to tell the story behind the Duke of York and the Duchess and their relationship-Max Mambi / Indigo / Getty Images.

Andrew Lowney’s book aims to tell the story behind the Duke of York and the Duchess and their relationship-Max Mambi / Indigo / Getty Images.

The Duke of York and the Duchess of York are planning a new book about the couple, as the author of the Expo about the Mountbatten family and the Windsors is planning a revelation that could be more potentially damaging to their private lives. I am encouraged to do so.

Andrew Lownie, with his own approval, “Hobby of the Month at Buckingham Palace,” after writing a sensational 2020 book on the sex life of Edinburgh’s uncle and aunt Louis and Edwina Mountbatten. Not. “

Last year, the literary editor King of Traitors: Scandalous asylum of the Duke of Windsor and the DuchessDetails of Queen’s uncle Link to Edward VIII’s Nazis..

The book also says, “Far from a love story, Wallis (Simpson) felt trapped in his marriage She never wanted to be with her poor and stuffy husband. That’s one of the reasons why she took her several lovers, including gay playboy Jimmy Donahue.

Roney is currently planning to complete the trilogy by looking at the Duke of York and his ex-wife, the Duchess of Sarah. Despite being divorced, he lives in his seven-bedroom mansion, Royal Lodge, near Windsor Castle. 1996.

The couple are believed to know that a book to be published in 2024 is about them.

Educated in Cambridge, who has run his own copyright agency since 1988, Roney told The Telegraph: It will be a life-size biography of both, as far as I know, never written before, like Mountbatten and Windsor’s books.

“I don’t have an agenda. I just want to talk about: Why did this blue-eyed boy look like Paria?..He Queen’s favorite son And she emphasized her public support. Perhaps she knows what we don’t know because we all trust the Queen’s judgment? At a time when everyone is happy to put on their boots, we want to make the story humane and see if there is another side to it. “

The Duke of York was often referred to as the Queen's favorite son, and he accompanied her to the memorial service of the Duke of Edinburgh-AP via Richard Pole / Pool.

The Duke of York was often described as the Queen’s favorite son, who accompanied her to the memorial service of the Duke of Edinburgh-Richard Paule / Pool via AP.

This book is about the Duke and the Duchess’ childhood, the Duke’s Navy career and his Role as a trade envoy, And pair philanthropy.I will also look at it “Why did the marriage fail and how did their relationship survive?”..

Roney added: “They are clearly devoted and very loyal to each other. He rescued her many times and she is stuck in him. It will take two years to write it, and both. I want to talk to as many people as I know personally. I hope they also talk to me. “

This book may also capture fallout from Duke’s relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey EpsteinAfter he paid £ 12m of an out-of-court settlement to Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of the late millionaire.

Mrs. Jufre She claimed she was forced to have sex with the Duke Three times at Epstein’s order when she was 17 years old. However, Mr. Loney argued that “Epstein is just one part of a much larger story.”

Duke has always vehemently denied allegations, claiming that he “has no memory” of meeting Mrs. Jufre. When he settled with her, he did not acknowledge her responsibility.

Duke caused anger at making it stand out more than expected Appeared in the memorial service of Prince Edinburgh last month. He not only traveled with her queen from Windsor to Westminster Abbey in her car, but also insisted on walking her to her seat in her pew.

Other members of the royal family were said to be “disappointed” by the Duke’s behavior and “regretted” that he was “at the forefront” of the inspirational Thanksgiving event.

It has been suggested that Duke plays no role in Celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June this yearWas stripped of his royal and military titles in January.

Mountbatten: Live and love It was described as “a unique intimate story of marriage that spans unfaithfulness, manipulation, disaster attraction and power through the heart of the 20th century.”