Prince Andrew escapes to the Scottish castle of the mummy to fend off being served by Epstein’s whistleblower (again)

Steve Parsons

Steve Parsons

Once accustomed to taking a luxury vacation to the United States, the Caribbean, or Europe, Prince Andrew has recently seriously restricted his vacation options.

Now, on a tragic summer travel itinerary that horrifies the old “Airmile Andy,” Andrew escapes to the safety of his Scottish mother Balmoral Estate for the second time a month.

Prince Andrew’s golden cage was approaching, and the Justice Department reiterated his desire to speak to the disgraceful royal family.

Andrew is believed to have dashed north to avoid humiliation of the physically provided documents in Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s upcoming civil proceedings against him.

British newspaper Sun Photos of Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson releasedIn the passenger seat of the car, which still lives with him, apparently 500 miles to Balmoral, whipping them. The newspaper states that there were “multiple attempts” to provide a treatise on Andrew at his home, the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

Andrew is reported to have been “stirring” in the property. Officially the home of the late Queen’s mother, the lodge has vast grounds far from 98 acres that induce claustrophobia, but Andrew works for the renowned US lawyer David Boyes. It is reported that he does not want to go out for fear of being attacked by an agent.

Boys I said earlier in an interview with the BBC There was no legal need to physically provide Andrew with paperwork. However, Andrew is believed to be ashamed of Andrew and afraid that theater-minded boys might try to do so in order to raise interest in the case.

Andrew may feel free to go out in Balmoral, which includes approximately 50,000 acres of grouse bogs, forestry and farmlands, with tightly controlled access, especially when the Queen lives.

His mother also has great protection for her favorite son. The Daily Beast exclusively reported last month that the British media organization was warned not to take pictures. Andrew In Balmoral, lawyers warn newspapers and the press not to take or publish pictures of the royal family or their guests in Balmoral. Andrew I arrived there.

Queen Elizabeth warns news photographers to stay away from Balmoral, Prince Andrew

Andrew is not expected to respond or comment on the proceedings. He had previously denied having sex with Roberts and said he didn’t remember seeing her. He sought to question the source of his famous photo with his arms folded around Roberts’ naked midriff.A legal expert previously told The Daily Beast to him Not eligible for diplomatic immunityHowever, it would be very difficult to enforce the US default ruling.

One source Sun: “Andrew has been making noise in the Royal Lodge for the past few weeks. He wasn’t riding and couldn’t get out because he tried to serve him in legal documents. I know it’s much safer in the Balmoral of the Queen’s Mansion. “

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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