Prince Andrew’s efforts to throw a suit of sexual assault hit obstacles

New York (AP) — Judge dismisses oral arguments by Prince Andrew’s lawyer on Tuesday, hoping to win a swift dismissal of a proceeding alleging that Prince Andrew had sexually assaulted an American woman at the age of 17. Did.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the U.S. District Court did not immediately rule at the end of the video conference, but refused many of the reasons given by Prince’s lawyer Andrew Brettler, so Andrew’s He made it clear that he wasn’t obsessed with how to do it. The case “should definitely be rejected.”

“I appreciate the discussion and passion. The decision will be made soon,” Kaplan told the lawyer.

The judge instructed that the exchange of potential evidence of the case should proceed on schedule.

Oral discussions followed a written submission in a case filed by Virginia Jufre a few weeks ago.

David Boyes, a lawyer representing Jufureh, opposed the dismissal of the proceedings.

Epstein, 66, committed suicide in a federal prison cell in Manhattan in August 2019 while awaiting a sex trafficking trial.Maxwell (60 years old) Convicted of sexual trafficking last week Conspiracy charges in federal court in New York.

prince Violently denied Allegations in Jufureh’s proceedings.

In many of the hearings that lasted more than an hour, Brettler said the wording of the 2009 settlement agreement between Epstein and Juffrey would result in a $ 500,000 payment to Juffrey and prevent the prince from being sued by her. Insisted. The contract was opened and published on Monday.

The judge repeatedly opposed Brettler’s claim that the wording of the agreement that the “potential defendant” was protected from being sued by Jufre would prevent her from suing the prince.

Kaplan said there could be many interpretations of what constitutes a potential defendant, and the only parties who know exactly what was intended were Jeffrey and Epstein.

“This is an example of the use of the word’potential’where you and I can’t find any meaning at all,” the judge said.

He also said that the terms of the settlement agreement were sealed for more than a dozen years, because those who may have intended the parties to be protected from future proceedings by Juffle could not see it. Said that it meant that he would never have known.

Judges also said that it is unconstitutional to allow a temporary change in New York State law to allow the Governor of New York to file proceedings related to sexual abuse from decades ago, according to Brettler. It seemed to deny other claims.

And he also rejected the claim that Jufureh’s claim was too vague. He read some of the proceedings in which Jufre claimed “involuntary sexual intercourse.”

“There is no doubt what that means,” the judge said.