Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend said in a new documentary that Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton were “like brothers.”

Prince Andrew

British Prince Andrew, Duke of York.Pool via Chris Jackson / Reuters

  • Under Prince Andrew, Mrs. Victoria Harvey said Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton “loved each other.”

  • This claim was made in a new ITV documentary.Gislein, Prince Andrew, pediatric lover.“”

  • This documentary explores the relationship between Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Epstein.

Prince Andrew’s former girlfriend, Mrs. Victoria Harvey, was a documentary who “loved” Jeffrey Epstein and former President Bill Clinton around the Duke of York, and Epstein and Clinton “like brothers.” Insisted.

New ITV documentary “Gisrain, Prince Andrew and Pedophiles,“Exploring the relationship between British social celebrity and convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and convicted sex offender Epstein. A 45-minute documentary hosted by reporter Lanville Singh It aired in the UK on Tuesday. mixture review..

The Duke of York’s press office did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Clinton couldn’t get immediate comment on this particular property. Harvey didn’t immediately answer the question that followed her claim.

Harvey and Prince Andrew date In 1999 she was a longtime friend of Maxwell.

“”[Bill] Clinton was undoubtedly very close to Jeffrey, “Harvey said in a documentary. According to the Daily Mail.. “They were like brothers, and he was also close to Guillene.”

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When asked about the relationship between Epstein and Prince Andrew of Clinton, Harvey said, “Prince Andrew was the son of the Queen of England. Americans love it. Jeffrey loved it. Bill Clinton I loved it. “

Last week, the Duke of York Deprived of his royal patronage and military title As a result of a sexual assault civil lawsuit filed against Epstein’s whistleblower Virginia Robert against him.

The suspicion of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Maxwell and Epstein is Federal Judge in New York Jufre’s civil proceedings continued, allowing Maxwell to continue in December belief 5 out of 6 Accusations related to sexual trafficking brought against her. Maxwell will face sentencing later this year if not Approved a new trial.

Suspicious Robert In the proceedings filed in 2015 and 2021, Epstein forced her underage to have sex with Prince Andrew several times, including in New York’s mansion, London, and Epstein’s private island in 2001 on the US Virgin Islands. Did.

Prince Andrew repeats Rejected All of Robert’s claims.His lawyer Claim The 2009 reconciliation between Epstein and Jeffrey protects the Duke of York from liability.

Epstein was arrested in 2019 on suspicion of sexual trafficking, but committed suicide in federal prison before being tried.

Former Epstein pilot Larry Visoski, during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial testimony That Clinton and Prince Andrew Flew on Epstein’s private plane He was raised several times in the 2000s when someone like Clinton was flying.

Clinton denied Travel together From Epstein to a private island.

“The story keeps changing, but the facts don’t change.” Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña tweeted in 2020.. “President Clinton has never been to the island.”

After Epstein was arrested in 2019, Urena issued the following statement on behalf of Clinton.

“President Clinton knows nothing about the horrific crime Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida a few years ago, or the crime recently charged in New York. In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton said Jeffrey Epstein. I made a total of four trips by plane: one in Europe, one in Asia, two in Africa, and included stops related to the activities of the Clinton Foundation. Staff, Foundation support. Epstein’s New York, who met Epstein at Harlem’s office in 2002 and had his security details with the staff at about the same time. I visited my apartment once. He hasn’t talked to Epstein for over 10 years and hasn’t been to Little Street .. James Island, Epstein’s Ranch in New York, or his residence in Florida. “

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