Prince Andrew’s scandal urges the royal family to consider revising military titles


Prince Andrew shot in military uniform in 2019-JOHNTHYS / AFP

Prince Andrew shot in military uniform in 2019-JOHNTHYS / AFP

The Telegraph understands that the scandal surrounding the Duke of York prompted a tentative debate about the broader remodeling of the military role of the royal family.

Duke, 61, is keen to stick to his role as Colonel Grenadier Guards, but his aide is Permanently retreat from public life, As widely expected, he needs to be replaced.

A civil lawsuit filed in New York last week accused him of sexually assaulting Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who was 17 at the time, including “first-class rape,” and even his brother Prince of Wales accused him. Further isolated. Conclude that there may be no way to return to royal duty.

At the age of 85, the retirement of the Duke of Kent as Colonel Scottsguards is believed to be imminent, creating another vacancy. Meanwhile, the Honorary Title of the Duke of Sussex also includes the prestigious Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Buckingham Palace recognized the premature announcement on this issue and refused to be drawn into it. Prince Andrew’s position It may appear that the outcome of the proceedings has been determined in advance.

However, there was preliminary debate about the prospect of General Mark Carlton Smith, Army Chief and former SAS Chief, becoming Colonel Grenadier Guards.

General Mark Carlton-Smith-Julian Symons / Julian Symons filmed in May

General Mark Carlton-Smith-Julian Symons / Julian Symons filmed in May

Another possibility is to move the Welsh Guard Colonel Prince of Wales to the Grenadier Guards. In that case, Sir Mark can take over the Wel Sugars.

Sources point out that colonels of household regiments are not always members of the royal family.

Lieutenant Edward Smith Osborne is a Colonel of Lifeguard and Lieutenant James Bucknal is a Colonel of Coldstream Guard.

A blend of senior servings and former officers and royal members ensures that they have access to both the Defense Department and Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, Count Wessex, already a colonel of the London Regiment, is believed to be likely to replace the Duke of Kent of the Scotts Guards.

It is widely believed that Princess Royal was lined up to take over from Prince Harry as Captain of the Royal Marines, and welcomed her to the post as the first woman.

Royal aides argue that the announcement of the appointment is likely to occur before the start of next year’s Platinum Jubilee celebration, but is not imminent.

Buckingham Palace refused to comment on discussions about other appointments, arguing that it was merely speculation.

Telegram revealed last week that Prince Andrew was not expected to attend Next year’s Trooping the ColorThat wouldn’t be possible, as multiple sources have admitted that he is in a proceeding.

There is growing concern in the palace that an ongoing scandal over the relationship between the Duke and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein may mask the celebration of Platinum Jubilee.

He refused to comment on a civil lawsuit filed in a New York court a week ago, prompting questions about his legal strategy and criticism of the damage to his reputation for the monarchy. He previously denied the claim.

Former Epstein telecommunications specialist Steve Scully reveals yesterday that he is ready to testify that he saw Prince Andrew groping for Ms. Juffle on the Caribbean island of financial firm Little Saint James. I made it.

Scully, 71, told Sun on Sunday that he saw Duke “crash and grind” with Ms. Juffle by the pool “between 2001 and 2004.”

A source close to Duke said, “Steve Scully’s explanation is questionable. He shows the period until 2004. Of course, Virginia Roberts Giuffre has been married for a long time and worked at Epstein. did not.”

Meanwhile, yesterday it was revealed that socialite celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell, who was waiting for trial on suspicion of sexual trafficking, sold a London musehouse claiming that Ms. Jufureh had been abused by the Duke.

The Belgravia home was bought by a real estate developer for £ 1.75 million, according to an email on Sunday.

Her spokesman said she would be sad about the sale because the house had happy memories for her. However, she is alleged to have needed money for legal fees.

Maxwell pleaded not guilty to prosecution.. She will be tried in November.