Prince George in a suit is all the justification needed by Prince Harry and Megan Markle


Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Karwai Tang / Getty Images

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London — Sunday was the hottest day of the year in the UK, and the BBC reported that at some point the temperature in Wimbledon’s center court was expected to reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite the melting of ice cream, Prince William and Kate Middleton shined their eldest son in a dark two-piece suit and tie for their first visit to the legendary tennis championship in southwest London.

I’m a reporter the Sun I heard Prince George telling his father that it was “too hot.” The young prince, who behaved perfectly, showed little boredom or restlessness during the four hours he was on the show at the courtside. So he and his parents definitely deserve a great deal.

But despite his surprisingly mature behavior and, after all, the mother’s tireless efforts to hand over the trophy to winner Novak Djokovic and the next Nick Kyrgios, much more. Dressing up this concept George in a suit and tie to observers reminded us of the ridiculous Victorian demands that the facility impose on Windsor’s children.

For example, turning them into glorious, suitable show ponies at the softest age seems to be incorporated into the DNA of the palace.

Contrast with Harry and Megan I couldn’t pronounce any more.For example, last week, a picture of a couple July 4th parade with photos of Archie’s snatching It was shown that the toddler wore light, baggy jeans, a long cotton shirt, and a baseball cap to block the sun.

Of course with Harry Megan’s A reaction to George, who is clearly cosplaying as his father, if they tuned in to see Wimbledon’s last Sunday. Their reaction is roughly assumed to be at the intersection of one of these Venn diagrams and a set of three circles, 1: “FFS”, 2: “What’s wrong with those people?” And 3: “Thank you to God we have gone out.”

Harry and Megan Obvious after leaving the royal family They were mainly motivated to protect their children. At the time, many believed that this meant protecting themselves from the invasion of the press, but it is always a secret that an important part of the entire royal mechanism relies on the exploitation of adorable children. It was like.

Of course, regardless of the weather, praising Cambridge for putting George in a suit and tie and officially dressing him was “at work” and “certainly, it’s weird he was born. A gentle preparation for life.

But another way to see an eight-year-old kid dressed as a politician on the campaign trail is to remind him of what Harry said about him and Megan’s brother and father. Bomb interview with Oprah Winfrey..

“I was trapped, but I didn’t know I was trapped,” Harry told Winfrey. My father and brother, they are trapped. They can’t leave. And I have great compassion for it. “

Of course, many people say this is nonsense. George was clearly pleased that the winner was in Wimbledon, which gave him the trophy.

Winfrey asked Harry about this issue after Harry made a “trapped” comment. “The impression of the world-perhaps it’s a false impression-during all these years before Megan, you enjoyed your life as your royal family, Prince Harry, your beloved Prince Harry, and you enjoyed that life. I didn’t get the impression that you were trapped in that life. “

Harry’s reply is useful to those who say George had an apparently good time on Sunday. Similarly, I’m sure you cover some of them. That is what is expected. No matter who you are in your family, what’s happening in your personal life, no matter what happens, if the bike is rolled up and the car is rolled up, you’re dressed You have to get in there. You wipe away tears, shake off whatever you think, and you have to take part in your A game. “

Will Prince George remind him of his heart 20 years later, on the day of 2022 when he had to wear a suit for tennis on a hot, boiling day, and what does he think about it?

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