Prince Harry renews Frogmore Cottage’s lease to continue serving the Queen

Queen greets Prince Harry at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show-Julian Symons

Queen greets Prince Harry at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show-Julian Symons

The Duke of Sussex renewed his lease, which is about to expire Frogmore Cottage The Telegraph understands that it will continue to be permitted to act on behalf of the Queen.

Duke, I live in California However, still a British citizen, he is eligible to live in the UK thanks to his old Windsor address, so he is eligible to serve his grandmother as one of four state counselors.

He and the Duchess had to decide whether to renew the lease, which expires on March 31st. The Telegraph understands that they plan to continue the deal.

So far, that decision has been seen as a problem for the Sussex family. This week, Duke sees Britain as his “hometown,” but he claims he finds it dangerous to visit. For unresolved security arrangements..

Through a lawyer, he emphasized his desire to return to the UK to meet his family, friends, and backers of his old charity, but has returned so far. For just a handful of opportunities Since moving his family to America.

“There are no planned changes to the current arrangement,” a Duke spokesman said.

Duke of Sussex renews his soon-to-be-expired lease of Frogmore Cottage-Alamy

Duke of Sussex renews his soon-to-be-expired lease of Frogmore Cottage-Alamy

September 2020, Sussexes Repay £ 2.4m With a complex arrangement detailed only partially in the palace’s annual report for the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, including rent by March 2022.

Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank and his son, August, Reported to have lived there While her cousin is in California.

The details of Prince Harry’s life arrangements in Britain have unexpectedly become a constitutional issue. The Telegraph learned thanks to his role as one of the Queen’s remaining four state advisers.

Counselors must be “domicile” only in the UK, according to sources with extensive knowledge of legal issues, and there are two historical examples of individuals who lived abroad while maintaining their role. I have. Realm.

As the next four adults in succession to the throne, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex, and Duke of York are part of the Queen’s mission at her request if she becomes temporarily ill. Can be undertaken.

Its role has been unknown to the public for decades, but it is now central to serious concern about what happens if the Queen is unable to perform her duties for a short period of time due to illness or injury. I am.

Earlier this year, the Duke of Cambridge was abroad, but the Prince of Wales was abroad. Apart from CovidDisable both.

The Duke of York has completely resigned from public service since his infamous Newsnight interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

This week he Paid the reported £ 12 million to Virginia Giffre To resolve a US civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault and rape when she was a minor. Critics argued that he had to be stripped of his role.

Dr. Craig Prescott, a British Constitutional expert, said the change seemed “unavoidable,” and historian Hugo Vickers said, “If Prince Andrew is not participating in royal life, You should not participate as a counselor. ” Either of the states. “

Buckingham Palace argues that state counselors can only be changed by legislation and that the decision is in Congress. But constitutional experts told the telegram that it would never happen realistically unless the Queen herself demanded it.

Two changes in the Queen’s reigning position, the addition of the Queen’s mother and the Duke of Edinburgh, were the direct result of Her Majesty’s request to Parliament.

One source who knows the legal issues is very clear that there is nothing to disqualify the Duke of York from continuing that role to the four following the succession to the throne over the age of 21. “.

It was recently reported that the Duchess of Cornwall could become an additional state counselor. She will be one with the addition of Prince Charles as the spouse of the monarch anyway.

At the request of the Queen with a letters patent, the counselor can perform most of her official duties, including meetings of the Privy Council, signing routine documents, and qualifying as a new ambassador. They cannot make friends or appoint a prime minister, and can dissolve the parliament only at the explicit direction of the monarch.

This mechanism was last used in 2015 when the Queen went on a tour to Malta.

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