Prince William wants Prince Andrew to be completely and permanently banned from Royal Life




Prince William “promotes” the shameful uncle Prince Andrew to be permanently banned from all aspects of royal life as he prepares to take on greater responsibility prior to the death of his 96-year-old grandmother. I am.

of Wide range Daily mail series Prior to William’s 40th birthday on Tuesday, the paper’s respected royal reporter Rebecca English said on the same page as his father when it came to William’s slimming down of the royal family by reducing the number of royal families. I’m quoting a source. For Andrew.

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“He feels very strongly about this, and if it were up to him, he would have pushed things to happen much earlier than they did,” a friend said.

Another source added: “He has a strong view of the Duke of York and believes that his claim to stick to the public role is very dangerous to the institution. If it was up to him, he would always be. He would have unleashed him before. He understands that the situation is complicated when it comes to mothers and sons, but to be honest, he just wants to disappear from public. I think.”

Furious William is “in mourning” ruining his relationship with Harry, claiming a new report

The report also examines the relationship between William and other families, and one source said he was “very close to his cousins ​​Beatrice and Eugenie,” but they “have a career with their family.” I believe that what I have is “very good”. .. “

Sources add: “He is even closer to Zara (Tindall) and Peter (Phillips) and praises the lives they have built up outside the family. They are always included in family moments, but they have a royal role. It’s very different. “

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