Prince William wants to “break the rulebook” as Prince of Wales by changing the role Prince Charles has played most of his life, report says


Prince William, Prince of Wales and King Charles III walk behind Queen Elizabeth II's coffin as it is carried by gun carriage to Westminster Hall.

Prince William and King Charles III walking behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

  • Prince William became Prince of Wales after his father, Charles III, ascended the throne.

  • The outlet reported that Prince William wants to change aspects of the role.

  • According to The Mirror, William wants to do away with the “don’t complain, don’t explain” policy.

Prince William became Prince of Wales in September after his father held the role for over 64 years.

Prince William, Prince of Wales in a suit during a visit to the National Football Center in England on October 5, 2022.

Charles III named William Prince of Wales after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.WPA Pool/Getty Images

The next day Death of Queen Elizabeth IIKing Charles III delivers his first speech as monarch, announcing: Some members of the royal family adopted new titles.

His eldest son William became Prince of Wales and his wife Kate Middleton became Princess of Wales. Prince William is the 22nd Prince of Wales after Charles III. The longest reigning royal family, holding the throne for 64 years.

But when he stepped into the role, mirror When Sun reported that William plans to tweak certain aspects and make them his own.

Unlike his father, Charles III, William plans a smaller ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth and King Charles III at the coronation.price william

Prince William’s ceremony will reportedly be small.Samir Hussein/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

According to The Mirror, William is trying to differentiate himself from past monarchs by inheriting luxuries. installation ceremonyAn ordination ceremony refers to an honoree being awarded directly by a member of the royal family.

As for the British throne, the ceremony usually requires the monarch to present the Prince of Wales with items related to the title, The Mirror reported. Charles III held a large ceremony at Caernarfon Castle in 1969, but William will not.

“There are no plans for an ordination like the Prince’s father,” a royal family source told the outlet.

William shrinks his staff and gets rid of the strict business attire.

Prince William and Kate Middleton dressed casually

William reportedly allows staff to dress casually while in the office.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Sun One way they are doing this is by hiring only half the staff that Charles III relied on during his time as Prince of Wales.

According to Valentine Lowe, “Courtier: Power Behind the CrownWilliam told staff he didn’t have to wear a suit while in the office. One family member told Low, “He likes to keep it casual.”

“The kids are running around the office and he doesn’t want it to be stuffy. If you have an important meeting or you’re going to Buckingham Palace, of course we [wear suits]”It started off as a casual Friday, but William told them they could dress casual if someone important didn’t show up for the meeting.”

Prince William is reversing the royal family’s longstanding policy of ‘don’t complain, don’t explain’.

Prince William at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on August 2, 2022

William and Kate hope to modernize the British royal family.Chris Jackson/Getty Images

According to The Mirror, another change William plans to implement is abandoning the “don’t complain, don’t explain” mentality.

March 2022, royal couple embarked on a controversial Caribbean tour During that time they visited Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas. All three are Commonwealth countries.William and Kate faced backlash on tourprotests against colonization are erupting Belize When Jamaica.

A source told The Sun: They’re trying to figure out what it looks like. ”

William and Kate are working to build trust with the people of Wales.

Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales on October 6th.

William and Kate visited Wales soon after becoming Prince and Princess of Wales.Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Miller reported that William and Kate hope to strengthen ties with the Welsh people following their new titles.

“Right now, the Prince and Princess of Wales are focused on deepening the trust and respect of the Welsh people over time,” a royal source told the outlet.

September 27th, The couple traveled to Wales for their first public appearance as Prince and Princess of Wales.

Kensington Palace said in a press release: “Their Royal Highnesses look forward to spending more time in Wales in the coming months and years and taking the time to strengthen their ties with communities in all parts of Wales. to

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