Prior to Chauvin’s verdict, members of the KC priest meet with KCPD to discuss the safety of protesters

A coalition of about 30 religious leaders in Kansas City met with police on Friday to discuss the safety of protesters in anticipation of opposition verdicts. Former Minneapolis Police Officer Murder Trial He was accused of killing George Floyd.

Closing arguments at the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis are expected to begin on Monday. Chauvin was charged with murder at the death of George Floyd.Floyd’s murder last year was inspiring Massive protest in Kansas City And all over the country.

During a summer demonstration in Kansas City, police were criticized for using tear gas and less lethal munitions to disperse the crowd after police officers reported that things had been thrown.

The rally on Friday included a group of ministers led by Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith, a police minister, a community exchange officer, and Rev. Daron Edwards, the chief pastor of the United Believers Community Church. It was. The group met at downtown Kansas City Police Headquarters around noon on Friday.

Edwards said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss with police their plans to secure protesters who could meet after the verdict.

“The leaders of the faith gathered to understand the plan, question it, and consider it, so that they are safe when demonstrators and protesters gather. You can see, “said Edwards, who helped organize. Get to the heart of the problem, Efforts between clergy and police to foster better relationships and reduce crime.

Police did not provide specific details on how police officers would respond in the event of a protest.

During a protest last summer, a video of a Kansas City police officer’s chili spraying on a man and his teenage daughter during a demonstration was infected with the virus and charged the police officer.

Nicholas McCillenThe 38-year-old was charged with four misdemeanors. The grand jury’s indictment alleges that McCillen “recklessly caused physical distress to the boy by spraying chemicals near her face and eyes.”

A police spokesman, Lieutenant David Jackson, has a large number of ministry. Reform and policy It was informed by a demonstration last summer. This explicitly states that police officers will use worn cameras for police officers and non-lethal weapons and munitions other than chemicals “to disperse the crowd during illegal rallies.” Contains a new policy to ban.

“I don’t think the police see this as us against them,” Jackson said.

“There is a perception that there is pain, anger, and emotions associated with this, which makes dialogue difficult. We were all emotional. It makes it difficult. But Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s worthless, “he said.

About in Kansas City on Monday 40 protesters gathered At Milk Creek Park near Country Club Plaza, he protested the killing of another black man, Dantelite, who was fatally injured by police after traffic stopped at the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Sunday.

Edwards said he had informed more than 200 clerics, community leaders and advocacy groups about the meeting. He admitted that many of the people who helped organize the protests last summer were not present.

However, Edwards He said he hoped that tensions between police and residents would be eased.

“So I believe that even if we’re all tired, if we keep doing that, we can see the day when Kansas City will become a safe city with all zip codes,” he said.