Prior to the potential floods in Elsa, here are the top flood-prone areas of Raleigh.

Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to immerse central North Carolina in up to 3 inches of rain, and some counties around the triangle are under flash flood surveillance until Thursday evening.

Wake, Durham, Orange, and other counties in the central part of the state are expected to rain a few inches between Thursday and Saturday. National Meteorological Service..

“1 to 3 inches of rain (locally high) can cause local flash floods,” said the National Weather Service. “The greatest rainfall and flash flood risk is east along Highway 1.”

The triangle is expected to rain 2-3 inches over Thursday for 72 hours.

The triangle is expected to rain 2-3 inches over Thursday for 72 hours.

Elsa is expected to increase the risk of isolated tornadoes, creating a “gust” in central North Carolina, The main effects of the storm According to NWS, the possibility of flash floods remains.

There are several in Raleigh Flood surveillance camera Monitor floods near rivers and flood-prone areas. The city does not provide public live streams from cameras aimed at assisting the city’s emergency response.

City provides Map of repeated flood locationsHowever, it will be updated throughout the day. Where the city has installed cameras, it indicates areas that are prone to floods to avoid.

  • Creedmore Road and Club Tree Valley Avenue

  • Wake Forest Road and Hodges Street

  • Avento Ferry Road and Trailwood Drive

  • Atlantic Avenue and Hodges Street

  • Anderson Drive, Oxford Road, Claremont Road

  • Lasita Mill Road and Mill Stream Place

  • Wilmington Street and City Farm (between the intersection and Walnut Creek)

  • Capital Boulevard and Hodges Street

  • I-440 S. Sanders Street

  • Cameron Village’s Pigeon House Creek

Other flood-prone areas to avoid, although cameras have not yet been installed in the city, include:

  • Blueridge Road, Glenwood Avenue, Reedmine Road intersection

  • Garner Road on the Greenway Trail

  • Gorman Street (between Avent Ferry Road and Walnut Creek)

  • Lumley Road and Brier Creek Parkway

  • Buck Jones Road Walnut Creek

  • Walnut Creek on South State Street

Check out our live update to Track News & Observer for more information on Elsa’s impact on traveling through central North Carolina on Thursday.

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