Prior to the Tiananmen Square Incident, Taiwan calls on China to return power to the people

[Taiwan]Instead of avoiding facing the bloody crackdown on democratic movement demonstrators in Beijing in 1989 at Tiananmen Square, Taiwan returned power to the people for true political reform. I asked China to embark on it.

Friday marks the 32nd anniversary of Chinese troops firing to end the student-led mayhem in and around the square. Chinese authorities have banned public commemorative events for events on the mainland.

The government has never disclosed the full death toll, but human rights groups and witnesses estimate it to range from hundreds to thousands.

Democratically governed, China’s alleged Taiwanese government said in a statement on the eve of the anniversary that Beijing was avoiding apologies and remorse for what happened.

The Taiwanese government said, “We express our will and call on the people to carry out political reforms centered on the people, stop suppressing the democratic demands of the people, and return power to the people as soon as possible.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman W Wen bin declined to comment on the anniversary in a speech in Beijing.

“The feat since the founding of New China more than 70 years ago is a complete proof that China’s development path choices are perfectly correct,” he said, referring to the founding of Communist China in 1949.

The Taiwanese council called China’s ruling Communist Party a “one-party dictatorship” and said Beijing’s crackdown in China and Hong Kong deviated from universal values ​​and international rules.

“They not only deepen the social contradictions rooted in their societies and increase the difficulty of systematic reforms, but also create the risk of conflict and affect the security and stability of the region.”

Taiwan tends to use Tiananmen Square’s anniversary to criticize China and urge Beijing to face repeated irritation about what China has done. China claims Taiwan is its territory, Take it by force as needed.

On Friday, activists will celebrate Tiananmen’s anniversary with at least one public event in Taipei, which will be significantly reduced from the previous year due to the surge in COVID-19 cases on the island.

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