Prison guard charged with murder of Ghislaine Maxwell


NSHe associates a lookout at a federal prison in New York City, where rappers R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein associate. Ghislaine Maxwell He was arrested and charged on Monday in connection with the shooting of her husband.

Jackson’s Antonia Ashford, 44, New jerseyWorking at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, was charged with murder and illegal possession of weapons police According to a local prosecutor, she found her husband dead at home.

A police officer at the Jackson Township Police Department responded to the residence after a phone call that a man was shot, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Said In a news release.

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The victim, 47-year-old Roderick Ashford, was found to be unresponsive with a gunshot wound on his face. He was declared dead on the scene.

This dateless image, provided by the Ocean County Public Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey, shows Antonia Ashford. (Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ocean County, NJ via AP)

According to prosecutors, Antonia Ashford has been detained in Ocean County Jail until a detention hearing is held. Prison records do not immediately indicate the date of the hearing and no bail has been set.

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Roderick Ashford also worked for Federal Bureau of PrisonsServed as a pharmacotherapy specialist at a federal orthodontic facility in Fort Dix, NJ, according to insider..

The Washington Examiner asked the Metropolitan Detention Center for comment.

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