Private jet, glitz and charm


A private jet flies for the wedding of the president’s son and the daughter of a prominent religious and traditional leader, a member of the Nigerian elite and West African officials, on the runway at the airport in the northern city of Kano, Nigeria. I filled it.

The marriage of Yusuf Buhari and Zara Nacil Bayero is one of Nigeria’s biggest celebrity events of the year.

Thousands of people attended the event at the palace of Chief Bichi, a town in Kano.

A historian told the BBC that a presidential and royal wedding was unprecedented in Nigeria.

The pair met at Sally University in the United Kingdom.

The festival continues on Saturday, with the bride’s father, Nacil ad Bayero, officially crowned as Vichi’s chief.

Her uncle is Chief Kano, one of Nigeria’s most prominent Islamic leaders.

The groom’s family paid 500,000 naira ($ 1,200; £ 900) for the bride’s price. This is about 10 times the average amount in northern Nigeria.

Nigerian BBC Ishaq Khalid calls her clothes “immoral” because the bride’s pre-wedding photo has caused controversy on social media and her shoulders are exposed, while others defend her. Say there is.

There have been some reports of 100 private jets flying on this occasion, but airport officials told the BBC that there were less than 50.

Nevertheless, the festival was reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of our guests wear face masks, and Nigeria is currently working on a surge in incidents.

At the wedding, police and military officers guarded the venue and were stationed in strategic locations nearby.

The wedding itself was held by a qualified Imam, Minister of Communications Isa Ali Pantami.

Top politicians and traditional rulers across the country, including some opposition figures, jumped in. Among them was Goodluck Jonathan, the predecessor of President Muhammadu Buhari. He was defeated in the 2015 election.

Gambian first lady Fatumatta Bar Burrow and former president of neighboring Niger Muhammad Issouf were among the foreign guests.