Private school principals admit that the “anti-racist” curriculum “demonizes the birth of whites.”

Principal of a private school in New York City that has been accused of teaching students progressive politics and progressive politics Orthodox “anti-racist” According to a voice conversation with a whistleblower teacher, the school personally admitted that it was guilty of “demonizing the birth of a white man.”

George Davison, principal of the Grace Church School in Manhattan, told Paul Rossi, a confused teacher, in a recorded conversation on March 2, that the school “did not take personal responsibility” for white students. He said he was using a language that “feels less”. He also said that “one of the things that went a little too far” was “an attempt to connect whites to the perpetuation of white supremacy,” according to recordings posted online.

According to the recording, “I also have serious doubts about some of the Doctrinea’s eruptions to us in the name of anti-racism,” Davison told Rossi.

The conversation between Davison and Rossi was posted online this week by the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR), a civil rights organization that seeks a “common culture of fairness, understanding and humanity.” FAIR supports Rossi, a math teacher who has been freed from his duties at Grace by calling on schools for the legitimacy of “anti-racists.”

Attempt by National Review Contacting Rossi and Davison by phone on Tuesday morning was unsuccessful. The message to the Grace School spokesperson was not immediately returned.

In an essay published in the former in mid-April, Rossi raised concerns about school social justice tactics. New York Times Opinion editor Bali Weiss sub-stack account. Weiss is a member of the FAIR Advisory Board.

“The training of’anti-racists’ sounds correct, but it’s the opposite of the truth in advertising,” Rossi wrote. “Teachers like me need to treat students differently based on race.”

In his essay, Rossi assigns some student groups “morally compromised” oppressor “status” based solely on “immutable traits.” “In the meantime, dependence, resentment, and moral superiority are cultivated in students who are considered” oppressed. ” “

Rossi said in an essay that he questioned the legitimacy of school anti-racism at the “Mandatory White-Only Student and Staff Zoom Conference” in February. When his question was shared outside the forum, he said he was accused by school leaders of causing “harm” to students.

“He informed me that I created’dissonance for fragile and amorphous thinkers’ and’neurological disorders in student existence and systems’,” Rossi wrote. “The school’s chief investigator added that my remarks could even be harassing.”

According to Rossi, a few days later, all high school advisers were ordered to read aloud the public rebuke of his actions to all students in the school.

Rossi expressed concern to Davison on March 2, according to an online recording of their conversation. Davison agreed with Rossi during this conversation that the legitimacy of school anti-racism led to the demonization of whites.

“The fact is, I agree with you that there was a demonization that we needed to hold hands in the way people understand this,” Davison told Rossi.

“Okay, so you agree that we are demonizing our children,” Rossi replied.

“We’re demonizing our minds … we’re demonizing the birth of whites,” Davison said.

Rossi published an essay on April 13th. Two days later, Davison told Rossi not to report to the school. New York post.. on Sunday, The school sent a letter Rossi was released from his educational obligations to Grace’s parents and staff, and his essay “contains obvious omissions and inaccuracies.”

“It’s clear to me that Paul is no longer effective as a Grace teacher,” Davison wrote.

Rossi pushed back In a letter to Davison “The public story of Grace, the story we tell the press and the community, is very different from what you told me,” he wrote on Monday morning. He didn’t share Davison’s concerns about white demonization with the wider Grace community because “you know exactly what’s going on with those who do it. It’s happening to me now. That’s what it is. “

by New York postDavison replied, disagreeing with Rossi’s claim.

“You mistakenly quoted me and attributed to me what I had never said or in the press,” Davison replied. Position.. “Your actions are not professional and I still defended the right to have your point of view. Given my past achievements, I know you are unreliable, so I email you point by point I’m not going to argue. “

Fair tweeted a clip of the call between Davison and Rossi after 8 o’clock a.m... Tuesday.

“FAIR stands behind Paul Rossi,” the organization said on its website. “FAIR stands up for our children and has the courage to defend our civil rights and freedoms, and a common culture of justice, understanding and humanity, all people like Paul. I support and support. “

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