Private school students cannot re-enroll after parents’ criticism of liberal education: Report

Ohio’s private schools reportedly banned some students from re-enrolling because of their parents’ political parties and activists.

Parents Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez announce that their children (two Gross and one Gonzalez) have not been accepted by the Columbus Academy after opposition to the adoption of liberal education at school. Fox News said it received a letter to report..

Some schools and state governments Critical race theory..These efforts have been made Meet the opposite, And some states illegal curriculum.

Gross and Gonzales “pursued a series of actions that were true to the facts, polite, and uncivil,” a letter from the Columbus Academy administrator to his parents clearly read.

Columbus Academy school director Melissa Soderbergh and board president Jonathan Kas said in a letter that parents no longer maintain a “positive and constructive partnership” with the school.

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“Instead, you engaged in a campaign against the Columbus Academy through a series of persistent, increasingly inflamed, misleading attacks on the school and its leadership,” the letter read. “Your actions have caused pain and even feared physical safety among students, families, faculty and staff, and staff.”

The letter added: “You and your encouragement have taken steps to explore how others can refrain from paying tuition fees and enter escrow until your requirements are met. We hope to convince the Columbus Academy donors to redirect their donations to the organization so that they can use the money to pursue the agenda. “

Gross and Gonzales disputed the allegations that the school was unfairly punishing children for their own political beliefs.

An unidentified spokesman for the Columbus Academy refused to comment on the situation, but commented on the school’s overall policy.

“The Columbus Academy has not commented on the situation of students and families, but false misleading statements, employees, reputation, or financial stability of the Columbus Academy clearly violate the registration agreement and: You will be refused re-registration for the school year. “

The two parents were one of a significant group of people who had voiced their opposition to critical racial theory.

Gross and Gonzalez were considering measures that could be taken against the school in April, including the possibility of withholding payments, but it is unclear if such measures were taken.

“These people on the left are the same as everyone else on the left. You can’t infer with them. You can’t deal with them. The only thing you can do is defeat them.” , Host of the Blunt Force Truth Podcast In April, he told his two parents, “We are working hard.”

“Your group has 400 families or 400 parents. Have you ever come up with the idea of ​​escrowing all your payments in an escrow account until you are accountable and get an answer?” Host Asked.

“No, that’s a good idea,” Gross said.

Gross’ husband, Michael, admits that he “loves the Columbus Academy” and focuses on “academic excellence,” he said.

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“My years there and the focus on school academic excellence really shaped me today. My close friend is a Columbus Academy classmate. Unfortunately, in the last few years the school has been academic. Shifting focus from excellence, he said, their “best quest” for one of intolerance and division. “It’s sad to see a school get lost because it’s a great educational institution with a history of 110 years.”

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