Private space travel paves the way for “things we can’t even imagine”

With Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Get ready To become Second millionaire There was a lot of debate about the privatization of space travel in order to easily dive into space over the weeks. Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino sees the benefits as an example.

First, he said he had long wanted NASA to “deliver” some of its work to the private sector “so that it could help our economy.” But scientifically, he believes that the ultimate goal is to increase access to space, which in turn can lead to innovation and new discoveries. Massimino told ABC News Martha Raddatz in Sunday’s edition, “People are going, researching what they can do, products they can develop, what they can achieve in space. I can imagine what I want to do. ” this week.. “It’s possible now. People will be able to creatively come up with things that space travel can’t imagine.”

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