Pro-Trump rally attendees blame mysterious bogeyman for latest event flop

Zachary Petrizzo/Daily Beast

Zachary Petrizzo/Daily Beast

WASHINGTON, DC—Right-wing activists said Friday afternoon that similar events epic fail Less than two weeks later — but I’m again finding myself struggling to explain the pathetically low voter turnout.

An ardent supporter of the January 6 defendant, a MAGA-loving fashion designer, and a rowdy gentleman in early colonial garb are just a few of the characters who returned outside the Capitol and the president. was equally upset. Joe Biden And the Capitol mob remaining behind bars.

The “Stop Tyrants and Unite for Freedom” rally fell through, despite an attempt to draw in MAGA followers by giving a speech by Donald Trump before the first speaker. Steve Bannon Even if you are a frequent guest on podcasts Matt Brainard Only 27 people were in attendance, including two hired private security guards.

Brainerd, Major January 6th put forward The director of the right-wing organization Look Ahead America, he took to the miniature stage and almost immediately yelled foul at five liberal activists who showed up to protest the event.

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Zachary Petrizzo/Daily Beast

But these were not activists. Instead, these activists, whom event organizer John Paul Moran called “paid agitators” and members of Antifa, brought particularly nasty and nasty trinkets to derail pro-Trump rallies. rice field. It’s a whistle.

“I want you to recognize something,” Brainard said. “They’re trying to interfere. That’s why they’re whistling. To make us hard to hear!”

Moreover, the irony of defending the Capitol police officers was clearly lost on him.

“There’s a purple-haired freak three inches from your face, whistling. [police officers] Brainerd goes on to try to become a white knight to replace police at the same Capitol building that the January 6 defendant allegedly assaulted.

Elsewhere at the event, theories circulated as to why the event did not go well and did not attract the public.

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Zachary Petrizzo/Daily Beast

Right-wing speaker and attorney Deborah Weiss accused organizers of scheduling the event on a sunny Friday afternoon.

“First of all, during the daytime on weekdays, [and] “A lot of people are working,” she told the Daily Beast. He claimed that the email invitation had been censored by suspicious left-wing forces.

She then tweaked that theory to claim an email invitation somehow directed to her spam folder by an unspecified sinister person.

“They didn’t make it into my inbox. They completely disappeared,” she said. “It’s hard to get your message across!”

Similarly, self-proclaimed “captain” Matthew Woods (minus the run-of-the-mill “khaki”), dressed in colonial garb, reiterated that he was “afraid” of allegations of becoming a right-wing participant.[ful]Back in Washington, DC, Woods also expressed frustration at the lack of notice to potential event attendees.

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Zachary Petrizzo/Daily Beast

MAGA fashion designer Andre Soriano A female model in a dark red Trump-inspired dress spoke adjacent to the inscription, “Keep America Great.” She wears a black top hat with a long peacoatabraham lincoln-ish”), Soriano blamed Biden while he had trouble with the stimulus check. By the end of his short speech, he was in tears. literally. After he walked off stage, he fell into the arms of a nearby host.

As for the low-spirited crowd, “the size of the crowd doesn’t matter,” he said.

Joseph McBrideThe prominent January 6th Lawyer made a cameo appearance at the event. “There are Antifa members out there,” he declared to the Daily Beast before being summoned to the stage by the failed Virginia Republican Senate candidate Ivan Reichlin to speak to the crowd.

Suzanne Monk, one of the only Washington, D.C. residents, public speaker, and “patriot activist,” blamed the January 6 riots for the miserable failure of subsequent events in D.C. claimed.

“Or even the government itself,” she said. “Obviously people are a little nervous that this will happen again.”

Nevertheless, John Paul Moran, founder of the organized group GOUSA, said: I wanted to increase the number of people, and I think I succeeded. ”

Moran concluded by asking attendees to join Far-Right Proud Boy Harry’s Barr hotspot Happy hour in town.

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